Notes from the Field: El Salvador

Today I’m over at The New Diplomat’s Wife, where Ania is featuring El Salvador in this edition of her Notes from the Field series. I’ve been reading Ania’s blog since before we embarked on our FS journey and had been meaning to ask about a Salvadoran edition of Notes from the Field once we wereContinue reading “Notes from the Field: El Salvador”

Los Farolitos de Ahuachapán

Farolitos, or lanterns, adorn all the houses and shops of Ahuachapán.Over the weekend some Salvadoran friends of ours invited Kail and I to participate in an annual cultural tradition called el Día de los Farolitos, observed in the towns of Ahuachapán and Ataco in the Western part of the country, which celebrates the birth ofContinue reading “Los Farolitos de Ahuachapán”