Maldives | A Video, we had a wonderful experience diving in the Maldives. There was just the one dive with the super-strong current (which our dive instructor told us was a “medium” current, to them). In the video above during the shark footage you can see all this plankton and other debris flying toward the camera.

Memorial Day Weekend in Roatán

Paraíso.Kail and I spent Memorial Day weekend in paradise, also known as Roatán, Honduras. Because why wouldn’t we go on vacation a week before we’re scheduled to depart El Salvador? We had already visited one of Honduras’s Bay Islands, Utila, a couple weeks before, and I was excited to see what Roatán has to offer. The answer: A lot.

Spanish Friday: Despedirnos

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Ni Kail ni yo nos gusta festejar a nosotros mismos. Tampoco estar en el centro de la atención. (Nuestra boda fue la única excepción, pero todavía me sentía un poco ansiosa con todos los ojos en mí.) No planeábamos tener una despedida, pero cuando nuestra amigaContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Despedirnos”

Diving with a GoPro

Since I bought my GoPro a few weeks ago, I’ve put it to the test: first the pool at Barra de Santiago, then I took it to Costa Rica for Semana Santa, where it went on a cloud forest tour, ziplining and — most exciting of all to date — buceo. I was super-excited about taking myContinue reading “Diving with a GoPro”

Costa Rica | Buceo en Golfo de Papagayo

From hiking in a cloud forest and ziplining through the trees one day to scuba diving the next, our trip to Costa Rica really was two vacations in one. And on our last full day, Kail and I did our first “real” (in the ocean) buceo. It was very exciting!

Costa Rica | Canopy

Even though ziplining, or “canopy,” is popular in El Salvador, Kail and I had never been. Well, canopy is even more popular in Costa Rica, so we decided to finally give it a try. And I’m glad we did! I wore my GoPro on my head and was able to capture some pretty cool video and photos —Continue reading “Costa Rica | Canopy”

Costa Rica | Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

I was not a “hiking person” before I met Kail — at least, I didn’t know I was. Turns out, I love a good hike. Trudging through the rain, up a rocky volcano, across a lava field — you name it. Hiking in Costa Rica‘s beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve was no exception. There is something very peaceful —Continue reading “Costa Rica | Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve”