Singapore, New Zealand & Australia: By the Numbers

In November, Kail and I took a monthlong R&R to Singapore, New Zealand and Australia (not to be confused with our three-week R&R to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 2015). I plan to make annual excursions to New Zealand. Kail disagrees — something about it being “too expensive” and “bank-account-draining.” Pffft.We’ll just have to move there. BecauseContinue reading “Singapore, New Zealand & Australia: By the Numbers”

Jordan | Jerash

Despite having lived in Jordan for more than a year, there are quite a few archaeological sites and tourist attractions Kail and I have yet to visit. I visited Jerash for work a couple months after moving here (USAID funded the renovation of the Jerash Visitor Center as part of our broader support to Jordan’s tourism sectorContinue reading “Jordan | Jerash”

Lebanon | Beirut

Byblos Port.I used to be the kind of person who planned detailed itineraries well in advance of vacations (in addition to being the kind of person who blogged regularly). I would have spreadsheets — spreadsheets! — with tabs listing all possible options for flights, hotels, dive packages, day tours, campervan rentals, you name it.

Turkey | Ephesus

The Great Theatre at Ephesus.During our second trip to Turkey way back when in July, we booked a three-day trip to Cappadocia and Ephesus. The Ephesus portion of the trip was basically one full day. We arrived to our seaside hotel late the night before directly from Cappadocia and departed from Ephesus for Istanbul immediately followingContinue reading “Turkey | Ephesus”

Turkey | Cappadocia

Goreme PanoramaDuring our second trip to Istanbul, we booked a three-day Cappadocia and Ephesus tour through Daily Istanbul Tours, a company that has a ton of tour options out of Istanbul — ranging from day trips to a week. I knew we wanted to spend some time in Istanbul again, and that we wanted to see other placesContinue reading “Turkey | Cappadocia”

Turkey | Istanbul Again

Kail and I returned to Istanbul for our second trip in two months. This time, we also took a short side trip to Cappadocia and Ephesus.Goreme Panorama | CappadociaI was admittedly a bit nervous about traveling there, what with the airport attack the week before our trip. Then there was the coup attempt the week after our trip. I’mContinue reading “Turkey | Istanbul Again”

Jordan | Umm ar-Rasas

A few weeks ago, our friends and colleagues, Lina and Yarub, took us to visit some lesser-known historical tourism sites in Jordan: Umm ar-Rasas and Mukawir. I’ll write about Mukawir in another post. For now, I’ll just focus on the wonder that is Umm ar-Rasas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.