San Salvador Volcano

Volcano crater.We climbed another volcano last weekend. I know, right? Yawn.The truth is, there are a lot of places in San Salvador that we haven’t been yet. Tomorrow marks our three-month Salvadoraniversary (I just made that word up), aka the three-month anniversary of our arrival to post. And there are still so many things to do!

Shicali Cerámica

Shicali Cerámica.Before I overcommitted myself to got connected with different employment opportunities, volunteer organizations and other projects and activities, one thing I did was sign up for any and every CLO event that was offered — be it volunteering at an embassy event, going on a tour of the city or something else.(The CLO, or communityContinue reading “Shicali Cerámica”

Camping Near Parque Nacional Montecristo

Kail and I went camping on Saturday near Parque Nacional Montecristo, close to the El Salvador-Guatemala border. We weren’t actually camping in the national park (which I hear is amazing), but on privately-owned land belonging to a foundation attempting to preserve the area along the border (arguably more amazing than the national park).View from nearContinue reading “Camping Near Parque Nacional Montecristo”

Reto del Volcán | Volcano Challenge

On the Santa Ana Volcano overlooking Lake Coatepeque.Yesterday Kail and I ran a 21k race on the Santa Ana Volcano, or Ilamatepec, the highest volcano in El Salvador about 40 miles outside of San Salvador. The Reto del Volcán Ilamatepec was truly a challenge, as the race course took us from an elevation of about 2,000 metersContinue reading “Reto del Volcán | Volcano Challenge”

Restaurant Review: La Hola Beto’s

Now that we have our car, we’re getting out a lot more. One of these outings recently took us to La Hola Beto’s, a local chain of seafood restaurants. We’ve actually been twice in recent weeks: the first time with our friends who drove us, and the second time on our own with my friendContinue reading “Restaurant Review: La Hola Beto’s”

MARTE (Museo de Arte de El Salvador)

Last week I went to MARTE, the Museo de Arte de El Salvador. I saw two exhibits: “Escapes y Refugios” by Salvadoran-born artist Luis Paredes and “Al Compás del Tiempo” on the history and development of Salvadoran art from the late 19th century to the present.

{Writing} Copán

I posted photos of Copán last week, and now I’m writing about our trip to Copán over at LatinFlyer, a travel website focused on Latin America: The Mayan ruins at Copán, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are a must-see if you’re traveling in Central America. Located in Western Honduras near the Guatemalan border, Copán isContinue reading “{Writing} Copán”