La Estación de Las Lluvias

It’s la estación de las lluvias, or rainy season. For a couple hours a day — usually in the afternoon/evening but sometimes in the morning or late at night when we’re tucked snugly in our bed — the blue sky and sunshine suddenly disappear and ominous clouds roll in, resulting in torrential downpours, lightning and thunder.

Touring Washington, DC

My sister visited last week to see some sights in DC and spend some time with Kail and me before we move to El Salvador. We covered a lot of ground in the short amount of time she was here; it was fun playing DC tourist again.

Washington Photo Safari

A couple weeks ago when I was worried about how I was going to spend all my free time after Spanish ended and before we departed for post (before we received our travel orders and found out we’d be heading to El Salvador soon), I signed up for a photography workshop: Monuments and Memorials byContinue reading “Washington Photo Safari”