Spanish Friday: El Día de Mudarse

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Hoy es el día de mudarse. Nuestro servicio de mudanzas va a llegar esta mañana. Los empleados van a empacar nuestros muebles y todas nuestras cosas para El Salvador o el almacenamiento. Alguien tomará nuestro carro también.

Just a Spouse

It was kind of strange returning to work after getting married and reintroducing myself to everyone — coworkers, clients — with my married name. Stranger still is the experience of meeting new people who haven’t known me as anything but my husband’s wife.Sure, anyone who changes her name must go through this identity change onContinue reading “Just a Spouse”

Being Here Now

I almost titled this post, “Am I making a huge mistake?” But I didn’t want to alarm anyone (my husband) or be overdramatic.I am truly very excited about all these changes in our life. This wasn’t always the case, though. If I could trace the trajectory of my feelings about Foreign Service life, it wouldContinue reading “Being Here Now”