Jordan | Feynan Ecolodge

When I became a deadbeat blogger earlier this year, I also became lazy about taking photos. I stopped taking my DSLR camera with me on trips and relied on my phone.In some respects, it’s a better way to travel. Not only because it makes my bag much lighter, but because I do feel I’m moreContinue reading “Jordan | Feynan Ecolodge”

Project Life: Jordan | Book One Completed

Oh, hello. It’s been a minute since I last wrote. Seven months and some change, to be more precise.In lieu of an “update post” in which I list every major life change and what I’ve been up to since April, I thought I’d just jump right in and resume a semi-regular posting schedule. We’ll catchContinue reading “Project Life: Jordan | Book One Completed”

Jordan | Jerash

Despite having lived in Jordan for more than a year, there are quite a few archaeological sites and tourist attractions Kail and I have yet to visit. I visited Jerash for work a couple months after moving here (USAID funded the renovation of the Jerash Visitor Center as part of our broader support to Jordan’s tourism sectorContinue reading “Jordan | Jerash”

Spanish Friday: Enrique Iglesias en Vivo en Amman

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.La semana pasada, fui al concierto del Enrique Iglesias en Amman. Repetiré esto: Enrique Iglesias. En Amman. Qué raro. ¡Qué chivo!Que guapo.

CPC Mindset

A friend who served in Afghanistan a couple tours ago told me it took her about a year to get out of a “CPC mindset” — passing the time from R&R to R&R, always needing something to look forward to. (CPC stands for “Critical Priority Countries,” like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.)It’s been one year since we left Kabul andContinue reading “CPC Mindset”