Jordan House Tour | Before & After: Foyer & Living Room

We are 100 percent moved in. Our Kabul HHE, San Salvador/storage HHE and Virginia UAB shipments arrived, along with our car. All 101 boxes totaling 4,230 pounds are unpacked. Our clothes and linens are dry-cleaned, our photos are displayed and our artwork is hanging on the walls.

Project Life: Afghanistan | Completed

Our first shipment arrived a couple weeks ago– our HHE from Afghanistan, which included not only essentials such as our coffee maker and other kitchen implements but our printer and my scrapbooking supplies! After unpacking, my first task was to complete my Project Life: Afghanistan scrapbook.

First Month in Jordan

We’ve been living in Jordan for just over one month. I’m not going to sugar-coat anything: It’s been a difficult transition — but not for the reasons I was expecting (working long days, balancing work with school, needing more time off after Kabul). Instead, it’s been a combination of factors — things that I should have been expectingContinue reading “First Month in Jordan”

I Moved to Jordan

Kail and I arrived to Amman last week. I start my job next week, so I’ve had a few days to not quite unpack — no ETA on when our various belongings from the U.S. (including our car), Afghanistan or El Salvador will arrive — but settle in and get to know our neighborhood in Amman.Continue reading “I Moved to Jordan”

That Other Time I Thought I Had TB

Note: I do not have tuberculosis, latent or active. However, the results of my TB skin tests — yes, tests, plural — during my health unit outbrief (and follow-up) from Kabul indicated otherwise. Specifically, they indicated I was on the positive/negative border (just under 10 millimeters induration) but somewhat inconclusive because the induration (the swollen/hardened part reacting to the test) wasn’tContinue reading “That Other Time I Thought I Had TB”

New Whip

We bought a new (to us) car: a 2012 Toyota Rav 4. It is nearly identical to our previous car, except it’s a newer model. We loved it so much, why make a change? In El Salvador, our Rav 4 took us off-roading in the mountains for a camping trip, to an accessible-only-by-beach-or-boat beach house, on an 11-hour drive toContinue reading “New Whip”