Project Life: Jordan | Book One Completed

Oh, hello. It’s been a minute since I last wrote. Seven months and some change, to be more precise.In lieu of an “update post” in which I list every major life change and what I’ve been up to since April, I thought I’d just jump right in and resume a semi-regular posting schedule. We’ll catchContinue reading “Project Life: Jordan | Book One Completed”

CPC Mindset

A friend who served in Afghanistan a couple tours ago told me it took her about a year to get out of a “CPC mindset” — passing the time from R&R to R&R, always needing something to look forward to. (CPC stands for “Critical Priority Countries,” like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.)It’s been one year since we left Kabul andContinue reading “CPC Mindset”

Four-Year Blogiversary

I promise I’m still writing. It’s just been a month or so. I’ve been kind of busy. So busy that I almost forgot my annual blog anniversary (or “blogiversary”) post. Today my blog is four years old.As was the case when I marked my first, second and third blogiversaries, a lot has happened in the lastContinue reading “Four-Year Blogiversary”

My Second Stitch Fix

I recently received my second Stitch Fix order. I have a lot of work staples (suits, dresses, pencil skirts and slacks) but not a lot of casual clothes (workout attire and sweats notwithstanding). For this Fix I was specifically looking for “non-sleeveless tops” (i.e. not camisoles or shells) that I could wear both under suit jackets and cardigansContinue reading “My Second Stitch Fix”

Jordan House Tour | Before & After: Master Bedroom

Our virtual apartment tour comes to an end with a look at our final room: the master bedroom. By far the biggest highlight of our stuff arriving was having our own bed — especially our super-comfy pillow-top mattress.