DC Food Tour

Roasted Duck “Low & Slow” from District Commons.As I mentioned, I spent about two weeks in Washington, DC and Virginia. I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time — basically since we arrived to San Salvador. Sure, there was the chance to catch up with family and friends, a wedding andContinue reading “DC Food Tour”

Recipe: Mom’s Apple Cake

This recipe for Mom’s Apple Cake is another Smitten Kitchen classic, featured in both the cookbook and on the blog. I made this a couple weeks ago when I was on a baking spree. In search of the perfect dessert to wow our dinner guests, I flagged a few recipes to test out.Well I endedContinue reading “Recipe: Mom’s Apple Cake”

Restaurant Review: Laca Laca

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a restaurant review. But it’s not for lack of dining out. It occurred to me recently that I haven’t written about any of our favorite restaurants in San Salvador, period. Well that’s about to change, starting with today’s review of Laca Laca Taquería Mexicana.Laca Laca is one of my favorite restaurantsContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Laca Laca”

Recipe: Make-Ahead Baked Ziti

I know I’m more than a decade behind the times, but I recently started watching The Sopranos, beginning with Season 1. Before the advent of DVR, Netflix and Hulu, I rarely watched television — at least not enough to really follow a series. I just couldn’t schedule my time around a TV show week afterContinue reading “Recipe: Make-Ahead Baked Ziti”

Spanish Friday: Pupusería Autopista

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Ustedes saben que me encantan pupusas. El fin de semana pasado nuestros amigos salvadoreños — un compañero de Kail y su esposa — nos llevaron a una de las mejores pupuserías en El Salvador: Pupusería Autopista.Pupusas de ayote con queso, queso con loroco (una planta salvadoreña)Continue reading “Spanish Friday: Pupusería Autopista”