About El Salvador

Last week in Spanish class, we had to give brief presentations en español on nuestros países de destino (our destination countries). We covered the basics: geography, climate, environment, history, government, economy, culture and tourism.I actually learned quite a bit, and I thought I would share a few facts.

Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Niche Dessert Establishments

Cupcakes, frozen yogurt and macaroons, oh my!I’ve had this post drafted in my head for a while, but I wanted to space out food-related posts so you wouldn’t think I’m THAT gluttonous. But I am. So it probably won’t surprise you that I’m going to miss America’s niche dessert establishments.

We Love Food

If you haven’t already, you might notice a bit of a food theme on this blog. My husband and I love to eat. In fact, we’re a little obsessed. We have found ourselves on more than one occasion (among different company though, so nobody knew the difference until now) in a deep discussion about theContinue reading “We Love Food”

Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Costco

This is probably going to be the first in an occasional series of posts on things I’m going to miss about America (other than family and friends, that is).Ah, Costco. My husband and I live very close to a Costco. Like, within walking distance. You might be wondering why anyone would ever want to walkContinue reading “Things I’m Going to Miss About America: Costco”

Entertaining as a Foreign Service Wife

My husband and I have received many generous engagement and wedding gifts. Like all newlyweds excited about finally having matching place settings, serveware and table linens, we are looking forward to hosting friends and family for dinner in the coming months.