The Chicken Guy

One thing I love about living in Frankfurt is the plethora of farmers’ markets. Several days a week, there’s a farmers’ market a short walk or a few subway stops from where we live. We do most of our food shopping at the grocery store, but sometimes it’s fun to browse among the vendors’ stallsContinue reading “The Chicken Guy”

Why I Love My Instant Pot

Kail bought me an Instant Pot — a “multicooker” that is a combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, and electric steamer, among other functions — for  my birthday last year. I dabbled in pressure cooking a few times — experimenting with turning some of my favorite slow cooker recipes, like butter chicken, into pressureContinue reading “Why I Love My Instant Pot”

Recipe: Paleo Granola

I don’t follow a paleo diet. After reading Gary Taubes’s “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” a couple years ago, I modified my eating habits and mostly adhered to a carbohydrate-restricted diet (no bread, pasta, most grains, white rice, potatoes, etc.) that was higher in proteins and fats.Over the course ofContinue reading “Recipe: Paleo Granola”

Jordan | Olive Harvest

A couple weeks ago, Kail and I joined our second CLO trip (after a great time visiting Mount Nebo and Madaba) to explore Jordan — this time to a family-owned olive farm in Ajloun, about 45 minutes outside of Amman. And this wasn’t just a tour among the olive groves. We learned how to pick olives and prepare themContinue reading “Jordan | Olive Harvest”

Home Leave | Filipino Breakfast

Since Kail joined the Foreign Service, any time we’ve gone back to the U.S., we have found it difficult to moderate our diets. We’re so excited to experience our favorite — or even non-favorite but simply nostalgia-inducing — foods and restaurants that our clothes are fitting a bit tighter by the end of our trip.