Freelance Writing Abroad

(Photo credit)The question I dread most when I tell people I am moving to El Salvador because my husband is in the Foreign Service is, “What are you going to be doing?” I know people are just curious and genuinely want to know. I know I am projecting my own career- and identity-related insecurities ontoContinue reading “Freelance Writing Abroad”

Travel Orders, Or Lack Thereof

So, I figured it was time to come clean about something. It’s minor, really. As you know, this blog is based on the fact that my husband is in the Foreign Service and that I’ll be traveling the world with him (I should say “trailing” him around the world). I’ve also shared that our firstContinue reading “Travel Orders, Or Lack Thereof”

Being Here Now

I almost titled this post, “Am I making a huge mistake?” But I didn’t want to alarm anyone (my husband) or be overdramatic.I am truly very excited about all these changes in our life. This wasn’t always the case, though. If I could trace the trajectory of my feelings about Foreign Service life, it wouldContinue reading “Being Here Now”

Foreign Service Blog Round Up: Chaos

Well hello, bandwagon.I knew I wasn’t the only person who thought of the brilliant idea to start a blog chronicling my adventures abroad as a Foreign Service spouse. I have discovered that there is an entire community of Foreign Service bloggers — blogs by FSOs themselves (State & USAID), blogs by their spouses and partners,Continue reading “Foreign Service Blog Round Up: Chaos”