Marathon Training Abroad

I found out yesterday that I did not get into the 2012 New York City Marathon. This was my second attempt to enter via the lottery system. This year I now face the problem I did in 2010, the first time I tried to get in to New York: Registration for both the Marine CorpsContinue reading “Marathon Training Abroad”

Entertaining as a Foreign Service Wife

My husband and I have received many generous engagement and wedding gifts. Like all newlyweds excited about finally having matching place settings, serveware and table linens, we are looking forward to hosting friends and family for dinner in the coming months.

Learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone

We’ve all seen the ads praising how easy it is to learn a new language using Rosetta Stone. Rosetta Stone uses “Dynamic Immersion,” which the company describes as its “award-winning method for learning new languages” modeled after the way in which people learn their first language. But does Rosetta Stone work?