Why I Love My Instant Pot

Kail bought me an Instant Pot — a “multicooker” that is a combination pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, and electric steamer, among other functions — for  my birthday last year. I dabbled in pressure cooking a few times — experimenting with turning some of my favorite slow cooker recipes, like butter chicken, into pressureContinue reading “Why I Love My Instant Pot”

Project Life: Baby Book | Volume I

I’m kind of obsessed with my baby. Being a first time parent, that pretty much comes with the territory. I’m also, as you know, quite fond of memory-keeping, specifically Project Life “pocket scrapbooking.”Combine those two things and, well, you have a 12-inch by 12-inch baby book that’s full when said baby is only three monthsContinue reading “Project Life: Baby Book | Volume I”

My First Lesson in Parenting

My first lesson in parenting happened before Piopio was even born. It happened before I went into labor, during my 38-week doctor’s appointment, when I was told labor would be induced the following week. My birth plan — along with months and months of reading about natural pain relief techniques, learning about the best positionsContinue reading “My First Lesson in Parenting”

Project Life: Jordan | Book Two

One other project I wanted to get underway before leaving for the States again was starting and updating my Project Life: Jordan | Book Two scrapbook. It took a back burner to, you know, setting up the nursery, starting Piopio’s baby book, completing book one of my Jordan scrapbooks, and updating my blog …… Not toContinue reading “Project Life: Jordan | Book Two”

The Saddest Children’s Book Ever

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve tried to regularly read aloud to Piopio. Sometimes it’s the news or whatever book I happened to be reading that day. We also received a few children’s books as gifts and have purchased additional ones.Kail bought “The Little Prince” as a Christmas gift for Piopio and me. I had read itContinue reading “The Saddest Children’s Book Ever”

Jordan | Aqaba

After two years of living in Jordan, I finally made it to Aqaba, a city in southern Jordan on the Red Sea. Kail and I had talked about going for a long time. There are a lot of nice resorts and scuba diving centers.It’s been almost three years since we went diving (since our tripContinue reading “Jordan | Aqaba”

I Started a Dot Journal

You might be thinking, WTF is a dot journal and why should I start one? Luckily, one of my favorite bloggers has already covered that: A bullet [aka dot] journal is good for: People who have a million little to-do lists floating around People who like pen and paper to-do lists People who are intoContinue reading “I Started a Dot Journal”

Jordan | Ajloun Castle

A few weeks after I returned to Jordan from home leave, Kail and I took a day trip to visit Ajloun Castle, a 12th-century Muslim castle built as a defense against the Crusaders. While we had both traveled to Ajloun before for work and personal trips, including hikes on the Jordan Trail and olive picking,Continue reading “Jordan | Ajloun Castle”