Germany | Bad Homburg

Bad Homburg is a picturesque spa town about a 20-minute drive from where we live in Frankfurt. In all the hullabaloo about Christmas market season, Kail, Piopio, and I mistakenly ventured there one weekend too early in November — a week before the Bad Homburg Christmas Market opened. Although the Christmas market stalls were shuttered, we enjoyed exploring the quaint spa town, which, according to my Germany guide book, saw its heydey at the turn of the 20th century due to its natural saline springs.



We did not enjoy the spas (we have yet to partake in this German tradition), but Kail and I enjoyed our first taste of German glühwein. And we saw Germany’s finest autumn colors on display in the Bad Homburg Palace Park, which sits below the Bad Homburg Palace around a beautiful pond.

A few weeks later, when Kail was out of town for a work trip, Piopio and I returned to see the Christmas market. It’s much smaller than the Frankfurt Christmas market, and it was the perfect size for Piopio and I to explore on our own — especially since I was wearing his 30-pound, nearly-2-year-old body in the baby carrier. (I had been worried about navigating a crowded Christmas market with a stroller, but since we went early enough — arriving right when it opened at noon — it would have been OK with a set of wheels.)

Piopio has just about reached the limit of baby-wearing.Piopio has just about reached the limit of baby-wearing.

Piopio has just about reached the limit of baby-wearing.

The Bad Homburg Christmas market bills itself as the “Romantic Christmas market.” It certainly has the setting for it: The main market area is in the castle courtyard underneath the town’s famous white tower, over looking the beautiful park and pond below. While I did not find the experience particularly romantic (see: traveling with 30-pound toddler, above), I did enjoy myself.

No glühwein or kartoffelpuffer this time — but I did have a delicious cheeseburger from a food truck and a nutella-dipped waffle stick.

A real steam train!A real steam train!

A real steam train!

The Bad Homburg Christmas market has what was my favorite children’s ride of all the Christmas markets we visited: a steam train that circles the castle courtyard. I was nervous about trusting Piopio to hold on by himself, so I sat behind him to make sure he didn’t fall off. He also got to enjoy a carousel ride (by himself).

Kail didn’t have a chance to visit the Bad Homburg Christmas market last year, but we’ll definitely go back in the future. We’ll hopefully return sooner than the Christmas season to explore some of the town’s many shops, restaurants, and, of course, spas.

Have you ever been to a German-style spa?

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