Babies: The Anti-Homebody


amman, jordan, amman citadelThe Citadel, July 2018.One of the myriad ways my life has changed (for the better) thanks to Piopio is that I’m out and about more. To say my daily routine has changed since Piopio came around is an understatement. Kail and I are both introverts and homebodies, and our preferred way to to spend a weekend day used to be four hours at the gym followed by an extravagant lunch. And then sometimes I would get a mani-pedi and call it a day.amman, jordan, amman citadelThe Citadel, July 2018.While I miss being super-fit and always having nice-looking nails, I appreciate that Piopio forces us to go out and do different and — if not exactly exciting, at least new-to-us — things everyday. (Well, Kail has to work five days a week, so Sundays-Thursdays are on me to keep the diplobaby entertained, at least during the day.)Dead Sea, Jordan, holiday inn resort Dead SeaDead Sea, July 2018.Over the past several months, we’ve taken Piopio to the Dead Sea, Jerash, Ajloun Castle, Mount Nebo, the Amman Citadel (twice), Iraq Al-Amir (a first visit for both Kail and me), the Children’s MuseumRoyal Automobile Museum (my first visit), the Royal Tank Museum and on walks around Al-Balad (downtown Amman), Rainbow Street and Al Hussein Park. We had planned a trip to Petra over Veterans Day weekend, but canceled at the last minute due to a stomach bug that plagued all three of us — and a good thing, too, because the area was hit with deadly flash floods. I’ve never been more grateful to be sick.rainbow street, Amman, Jordan, souk jaraSouk Jara, July 2018.We go on daily — sometimes twice daily — walks around the neighborhood and out to lunch about once a week (more fun now that Piopio is eating solid foods). Most weekdays, our outings are pretty simple: a walk, a trip to the grocery store, our weekly playgroup or Kindermusik class. We’ll visit the playground, pick up mail at the Embassy, or buy produce at our neighborhood vegetable stand. Piopio needs, at minimum, one to two outings per day — now that he’s older, it’s not enough to play with his toys inside or “explore” our apartment. He’s like, Been there, done that.jerash, Jordan, roman ruinsJerash, October 2018.I expect by the time we leave Jordan next year, Piopio and I will have explored more of Amman than Kail and I did during our first two years at post. Speaking of which, we should be finding out our next assignment in the next couple weeks.Jordan, iraq al-amir, roman ruinsIraq Al-Amir, September 2018.What do you enjoy most about your post-kids routine?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

2 thoughts on “Babies: The Anti-Homebody

  1. Haha! So true! We’re also introverts and homebodies. It can be hard, but I know it’s a good thing that he forces us out of the house. Ours is bigger now, so now it’s more about keeping us sane because he needs to go out to release some energy. lol.


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