Project Life: Jordan | Book Two


project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsOne other project I wanted to get underway before leaving for the States again was starting and updating my Project Life: Jordan | Book Two scrapbook. It took a back burner to, you know, setting up the nursery, starting Piopio’s baby book, completing book one of my Jordan scrapbooks, and updating my blog …… Not to mention packing for another four-plus months out-of-country and preparing to have a baby and raise a child. But I got it done.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, becky higginsYes, it matches my Book One cover.Project Life: Jordan | Book One covers the first two years of our assignment in Jordan, finishing up with home leave last summer. Book Two picks up with our return to Amman, and although I was only in country for just under three months between home leave and Medevac, there was a lot to cover.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsThe first big highlight was the celebration of my birthday birthweek, which Kail and I agreed would be our last since adding a third person to what has become a more extravagant celebration each year just isn’t affordable. (Birthweek doesn’t necessarily translate into one gift per day — but some sort of small acknowledgement/celebration leading up to the day itself.)project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsproject life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsProject Life: Jordan | Book Two also includes our trip to Ajloun and babymoon in Aqaba, Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my baby shower. One question I’ve dealt with already and will have to think about a little more after Piopio’s arrival is what things go in my Jordan scrapbook and what things go in the baby book.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsKail’s like, “Some things will just go in both.” Easy for him to say — he isn’t the one creating two separate layouts. Who has the time? I did, for the time being, but something tells me that won’t be the case in a couple short weeks …project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsMy Project Life scrapbooks so far have been mostly travel-focused with some day-to-day life interspersed throughout. I suspect we’ll be doing less traveling (even within Jordan) with a baby in tow, but there will be a lot of daily memories and milestones to capture.What creative projects have you been working on lately?(See previous scrapbooks here: Project Life: Jordan | Book OneProject Life: Afghanistan and Project Life: El Salvador.)

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

2 thoughts on “Project Life: Jordan | Book Two

  1. I got so far behind on project life while at my last post that I decided to just skip 2016-2017 entirely and pick up where we are in 2018. So it goes.I think you’ll find that traveling with a newborn is easier than expected! Our experience was that it got harder as the baby got older, and now that they’re 4 and 6, it’s starting to get easier again. Good luck!


    1. Good for you that you picked up Project Life again. I’m worried that falling behind will mean I’ll just give up on it completely. I’m motivated now because we have so many newborn photos and memories to document, but I know once we return to post it will be a different story with limited time.I’m nervous about the journey back but everyone has told me the younger they are, the easier it is!


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