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project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyI’ve already gone deep into the rabbit hole of Project Life scrapbooking, so it should come as no surprise to you that I’ve already started a baby book for my soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. (I’m a nerd.) Kail got me the Baby Boy Edition Core Kit and a new 12×12 binder for my birthday birthweek (among other gifts — I’m spoiled).project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyI was so excited to start the baby book. I also purchased additional “Baby Boy” themed speciality cards, 4×4 cards, and photo overlays, along with a couple new variety packs of photo pocket pages. Let’s just say I’m set on scrapbooking supplies for the next … oh, several years.project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyI somehow managed to exercise restraint and focus on other, more important things first in the just-under three months I have in Amman between returning from home leave and departing for the U.S. on Medevac. You know: unpack; reorganize and clean all of our closets and storage spaces to make room for baby; and transform our my home office into the nursery. In other words: Nesting like crazy.project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyKail and I also enrolled in a six-week childbirth education course at a center called Birth and Beyond that covered everything from pain-management techniques to postpartum and newborn care. Most of the other mothers-to-be had much earlier due dates, but since I’m leaving for the States and Kail won’t be joining me until later, we wanted the opportunity to take a course together.project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyBefore I turned to my Project Life Baby Book, I wanted to at least complete my first Project Life: Jordan scrapbook, if not start the second one as well. I also worked on updating my blog, and I’m somewhat caught up, although I still have home leave and this latter part of 2017 to write about.project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyI had been taking weekly “bumpies” every week since week seven (except week nine — I forgot), and monitoring and documenting my pregnancy and baby’s developmental progress through a couple different apps, Ovuline’s Ovia Pregnancy and Baby Center’s My Pregnancy & Baby Today. Combined with ultrasound printouts, app updates, and baby shower and other photos, I already had several pages of scrapbook material ready to go.project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyKail and I haven’t settled on a final name for our son yet, but while he’s been in utero, we’ve been referring to him by a nickname, Piopio. The center card in the above picture explains its origin (it doesn’t really make sense, but inside jokes rarely do):

Your mom & dad dreamed about you for a long time. On a trip to New Zealand’s Milford Sound, or Piopiotahi in Maori, we joked we’d call you “Piopiotahi.” The name means “a single piopio,” a now-extinct thrush native to the South Island. We used this nickname until you were born. It even inspired your nursery theme. You are our Piopio, our love.

project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyI didn’t really have a noticeable bump until around week 24 — much later than I expected!You can input a baby nickname into the Ovia Pregnancy app, so it will refer to the baby by its nickname in all updates. For example, from week 24: Piopio is now about the size of a garden eggplant, but without such thick skin.project life, baby book, scrapbooking, becky higgins, diplobabyI love this baby book — and baby! — so much already, and he hasn’t even entered the world yet. It’s meant to be a book about the first year of his life. I can’t wait to document other memories and experiences with him.Did you keep a baby book for your children (or did your parents have one for you as a kid)?

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11 thoughts on “Project Life: Baby Book

  1. Love all the bump photos and I’m glad y’all took a comprehensive birth class – so many people take the two hour class at the hospital and then wonder why they end up w a csection and unrelatedly how to care for a newborn!


    1. Thanks! My preference would have been to take the comprehensive childbirth class at our hospital in VA but then Kail wouldn’t have been able to participate. I feel like there were some differences in terms of what is considered standard procedure in Jordan vs the US. We did take a hospital tour when we were home over the summer which was helpful in understanding their specific policies.


  2. Probably got this habit from mom.Been printing out pictures all about Xandy ever since she was born. Not as organized as your scrapbooking though. The details are amazing!


    1. Thank you! :DWell I’m only committing to this particular book for the first year of baby’s life … not sure it is a realistic expectation once I’m actually taking care of a child! You’re a parent — you tell me. 😉


      1. It will sure take a lot of your time but it’s really worth it. I just make time once a month to organize all the pics and then bring everything for developing. I ask Chris to put them into the albums with me, kinda bonding while Xandy’s playing and browsing through the pics.


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