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milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandUnlike our 2015 trip to New Zealand, this time around we did not get snowed out of passage to Milford Sound. (HT: When planning a campervan trip, it’s best to go not in winter.) We enjoyed the beautiful drive from Glenorchy to Milford Sound via Te Anau, and arrived to Milford Sound Lodge by mid-afternoon.milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandAfter checking in, showering and fueling up on flat whites at the lodge cafe, we set out for the short Milford Foreshore Walk, a half-kilometer loop that starts and ends about half a kilometer from the lodge.milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandBowen Falls, as seen from the Foreshore Walk.We really lucked out with the weather. The day we arrived, it was gray and overcast. Apparently it rains quite a bit in Milford Sound (200 days a year!). But by the time we took our Milford Sound cruise the following morning, the skies had cleared and it was a gorgeous, sunny day with a bright blue sky.milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandOther than the Foreshore Walk, there isn’t much to do in Milford Sound itself. The big tourist attraction is a cruise on Milford Sound, which can be booked through a number of companies from the the ferry terminal.milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandFur seals.We booked the Discover More Cruise through Milford Sound Southern Discoveries, which included a nature guide, picnic lunch and stop at the Milford Sound underwater observatory. We saw penguins, fur seals and dolphins.milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandNot the best photo, but dolphins nonetheless.Another interesting thing I learned: Milford Sound is not actually a sound, but a fjord. What’s the difference? A fjord is a u-shaped, glacier-cut valley. A sound is a v-shaped valley created by a river.milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandMilford’s u-shape allows its cruise ships to get really close to the cliffsides — close enough that the boats can get under the waterfalls (raincoats are provided).milford sound, new zealand, milford sound cruise, south islandWe had checked out of the holiday park before the cruise, so after we returned to the ferry terminal and made the short walk to the carpark, we hit the road for Te Anau. We stayed at the same place we did in 2015, Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park.te anau, new zealand, south island, runningRunning (OK, posing, post-run).We went on two wonderful six-mile out-and-back runs along Lake Te Anau (one the afternoon we arrived and one the following morning before we left), did laundry, had dinner at the same delicious Italian restaurant as the previous year (Ristorante Pizzeria Paradiso Da Toni), as well as brunch at the same delicious cafe (Sandfly Cafe) before hitting the road. Did I mention we are creatures of habit?Next stop: Fortrose Cliffs in the Catlins Region.See more photos from New Zealand.The Details: Milford SoundGPS Coordinates: -44.672222, 167.927911Google Map:

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