New Zealand | Glenorchy Part II (and III)


new zealand, south island, glenorchy, freedom camping, wilderness campervanFrom Wanaka we headed to Glenorchy, our favorite freedom camping site from our 2015 R&R to New ZealandSince we unexpectedly ended up staying another night on our first trip, this time we planned to camp for two nights, with nothing but the beautiful lake and snow-capped mountains to keep us company.And some zealand, south island, glenorchy, freedom camping, wilderness campervanSome people might find sitting in the same spot for two days boring, but not Kail or me. Give us some good books to read and a nice view, and we’re set. Sure, we wouldn’t want to spend the entirety of a trip doing nothing but reading, but in between the driving and hiking/running, it was nice to have a restful zealand, south island, glenorchy, freedom camping, wilderness campervanAlso nice? Not having it be freezing cold. In 2015, we insisted on sitting outside for as long as we could stand the cold — and for as long as the short daylight hours persisted (it was June — New Zealand’s winter). In 2016, it was warm enough that we could sunbathe in our bathing suits (the lake itself was still too cold for a dip).new zealand, south island, glenorchy, queenstown, freedom camping, campervan, wilderness campervan, breeze 2Glenorchy: zealand, south island, glenorchy, freedom camping, wilderness campervanGlenorchy: 2016.The updated WilderNessts Camping Directory from Wilderness, our campervan rental company, had a couple different freedom camping spots in Glenorchy — neither of which, in our opinion, could hold a candle to our spot from last year. Luckily, I had the GPS coordinates in my blog post (also included below) and we were able to find our way back.After two nights of blissful freedom camping, we set off for Milford Sound. We ended up returning to Glenorchy three nights later after adjusting course due to the earthquake, but unfortunately, it poured the entire time —  the drive to Glenorchy, our time in Glenorchy, and the morning we left — so our return trip was not as pleasant.See more photos from New Zealand.The Details: Glenorchy Freedom CampingGPS Coordinates: -44.856339, 168.381901Google Map: Sand/gravel lakeside beach

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