Spanish Friday: Enrique Iglesias en Vivo en Amman


spanish friday, latina-ish, learning spanish Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.La semana pasada, fui al concierto del Enrique Iglesias en Amman. Repetiré esto: Enrique Iglesias. En Amman. Qué raro. ¡Qué chivo!enrique iglesias, amman, jordan, concerts, amman exhibition parkQue guapo.Mis amigos y yo compramos las boletas baratas (45 JD, o aproximadamente $63), pero cuando llegamos, uno de los organizadores le preguntó a mi amiga si ella quería ir al “fan pit,” enfrente de la plataforma … ¡Solo unos metros de Enrique!enrique iglesias, amman, jordan, concerts, amman exhibition parkTú sabes que me encanta la música latina. También tú sabes que me encantan los hombres españolas bien parecidos. ¿Oh, nunca he mencionado esto? Pues, es verdad. (No me encantan tanto como le quiero a Kail, obviamente.)enrique iglesias, amman, jordan, concerts, amman exhibition parkOK, se está volviendo raro. No voy a escribir más. Mejor, te dejaré con este video. TranslationLast week, I went to the Enrique Iglesias concert in Amman. I’ll repeat this: Enrique Iglesias. In Amman. How random. How awesome!How handsome.My friends and I bought the cheap tickets (45 JD, or about $63), but when we arrived, one of the organizers asked my friend if she wanted to go to the “fan pit” in front of the stage … just a few meters from Enrique!You know that I love Latin music. You also know that I love handsome Spanish men. Oh, I’ve never mentioned this? Well, it’s true. (I don’t love them as much as I love Kail, obviously.)OK, it’s getting weird. I’m not going to write more. Instead, I’ll leave you with this video.

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8 thoughts on “Spanish Friday: Enrique Iglesias en Vivo en Amman

  1. That is great! It reminds me of a time my husband and I were in Istanbul and suffering from the worst jet lag we’ve ever had. One night we woke at 2 am and went to a hotel bar where a Cuban band was performing. We chatted in Spanish, I think we were coaxed into a bit of dancing. Not sure why but it seemed so trippy to see Latin music in a Mideasat setting. Plus the whole jet lag part added an element of surrealism. The next morning we were wondering if the whole thing really happened. It’s been years and we still ask each other from time to time. But seeing the gorgeous Enrique would be MUCH better. And you have proof it was real.


  2. How great you got to see Enrique perform. Happy to see you doing well and thanks for participating in Spanish Friday. (I haven’t participated myself in awhile. I should get back to it!)


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