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mukawir, jordan, machaerusA few weeks ago, Kail and I visited Mukawir, a hilltop site overlooking the Dead Sea. It is famous not only for its beautiful panoramic views of the Dead Sea, but as the site of Herod the Great’s fortress and the place where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded.Mukawir-2We visited Mukawir, or Machaerus, the same day we toured Umm ar-Rasas, thanks to our kind friends Lina and Yarub. Mukawir is somewhat of a better-known site due to its biblical significance and proximity to the Baptism Site on the Jordan River.Mukawir-4The Jordan Valley in June: Hot.Mukawir is a 700-meter-high hilltop. There is a nice paved path that rounds the hill as it escalates, so it’s not an especially strenuous climb — unless you go in the mid-afternoon during summer. Jordan is hot — it’s a desert!mukawir, jordan, machaerusMukawir is also special for another reason: It’s the place where Yarub and Lina were inspired to make major health-related life changes. It’s not my story to tell so I won’t share any more details here, but I felt fortunate they included us in a visit to Mukawir.DSC_0406Yarub & Lina. Note they are not as sweaty as Kail or me.We saw one other (small) tour group when we visited Mukawir: a family of four. Again, I think the lack of visitors was more due to the time of year/time of day but I hope for Jordan’s sake that tourism picks up. We’ll be hosting three sets of visitors in December, January and February/March. Book your visit now! (Criteria: I must know you either in person as a friend or colleague or, you must have a strong reference from someone who is a good friend.)Have you visited any biblical sites?

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