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Muscat-9Mutrah Corniche.I’ve been seriously neglecting this blog. And I’ve had so much to write about: trips to Muscat, Istanbul and Barcelona, spinning again (not teaching though … yet!), school. We’ve had visitors, spent more time at the Dead Sea and Petra and explored more of beautiful Jordan. I mean, who has the time to write anymore?Muscat-2I’m trying to catch up, sort photos and record these wonderful memories before they fade away. It’s hard to keep track of so much travel. Life’s hard.Muscat-12Crowne Plaza.Kail and I spent a long weekend (four days) in Muscat, Oman in late March/early April. It had been about three months since we returned to Amman after traveling to Michigan for the holidays, so we were looking forward to an international trip. I blame the Kabul R&R/RRB-every-few-weeks mindset.Muscat-4Clock tower.Unlike our Kabul R&Rs and RRBs, we did little to no advance planning for this trip to Muscat, other than booking our hotel (Crowne Plaza; we used points). It was such a short amount of time. I knew I wanted to spend some time at the resort, chilling at the pool and beach, so that didn’t leave much time for sightseeing.Muscat-7Sultan’s Palace.Short on time with a lot to see is the perfect situation for one of our favorite, albeit extremely cheesy, tourist activities: hop-on-hop-off bus tours (see: Singapore and London). Our hop-on-hop-off bus tour M.O. is to ride the entire route once to get the lay of the land and decide which sites we’ll actually visit, since there’s never enough time to see everything.Muscat-10Mutrah Souq, Muscat’s traditional market, definitely made the cut. It’s no comparison to Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili Bazaar or, my personal favorite, Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar (more on Istanbul shopping — the carpets! — in a future post), but it was pretty neat. It’s also in a beautiful location on the waterfront of Muscat’s Mutrah Corniche.Muscat-11When we first hopped off at the souq, it was too early in the day and still closed. We returned later when it was a bit busier. Compared to other hop-on-hop-off tours we’ve done, we hopped off less on this one and did more riding around (did I mention Muscat is extremely hot and humid, even in early April?). We definitely plan to return to Muscat (already booked a return trip to Istanbul and are working on a longer Spain trip) — maybe in the winter.What’s your favorite market?

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4 thoughts on “Oman | Muscat

  1. So glad you updated your blog! I enjoy hearing all your travel stories. My favorite Mideast markets are in Fez and Tunis. I like Khan il Khalili (Egyptian Arabic is my language forte so that make bargaining especially fun there) but wasn’t as wild about the Grand Bazaar. I think it’s because I love bargaining in Arabic and obviously couldn’t do that there. I haven’t spent much time at all in the Gulf so I hope to hear more about your time there. Oman is on my bucket list for sure. My husband and I spend two weeks every year in Spain. I can offer some good tips on finding hidden gems in Spain.


    1. Hi Jamie, thanks for the comment! I’m glad you are still reading my blog. :)I would definitely like some tips about things to do in Spain. We are seriously considering a longer return trip this year for our R&R. 😀


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