Fitbit Charge HR


fitbit, fitbit charge hr, myfitnesspal, calorie counting, steps counting, weight lossI’m back on the Fitbit bandwagon. My sister Rachel bought me and Kail Fitbit Charge HRs for Christmas. She’s a very generous gift-giver and is always thinking of Christmas (and birthday) presents year round.But wait, you ask, didn’t I already have a Fitbit Flex (a birthday gift from Kail last year)? It’s a long story, but I went through THREE Fitbit Flexes (Fitbit has amazing customer service and replaced not one but two of my Fitbits) before just giving up. I felt like I couldn’t ask Fitbit to replace a third product.Maybe something about the way I walk/run was damaging it? The Fitbit Flex is water resistant, but maybe I sweated an inordinate amount while working out, and the moisture was damaging the tracker? Maybe Fitbit Flex technology just isn’t that great? My third Fitbit Flex finally died during our trip to New Zealand, so I had one on and off for about seven months. Kail’s didn’t last much longer (and he had already owned a previous Fitbit Zip, the little clip-on tracker, which also died and never came back to life).fitbit, fitbit charge hr, myfitnesspal, calorie counting, steps counting, weight lossGiven our less-than-stellar history with Fitbit products, you’d think I would be less excited and hopeful about the Charge HR, but I love it. Even though walking is walking, and exercise is exercise, regardless of whether you “track” it, I am really motivated by the record — and friendly competition among my Fitbit “friends.”I really like the heart rate monitor as well. It’s not just about distance, but physical exertion. Our 19-minute walk to work is different than a 30-minute run, and a 30-minute run on the treadmill at 1.0 incline (to mimic wind resistance) is very different than a 30-minute run outside, with real wind and real hills of Amman.I also like that my Fitbit Charge HR can automatically detect certain types of exercise, including the elliptical. It “knows” I’m on an elliptical, as opposed to walking. While it doesn’t “recognize” spinning as an exercise, it has a feature where you can manually log aerobic exercise, and later edit the specific type in the Fitbit dashboard.fitbit, fitbit charge hr, myfitnesspal, calorie counting, steps counting, weight lossAnother different feature about the Charge compared to the Flex is that the Charge can count steps climbed. I don’t go up and down a lot of stairs, because our apartment is on the second story and my office is on the third floor, but hey — they count!As with my Fitbit Flex, I’m still using the sleep tracker feature as well as syncing my steps and exercise with MyFitnessPal. Even though I’m less focused on calorie counting generally, and more concerned about types of calories consumed (more on this in another post), I still find it helpful to keep a food (and exercise) log.Do you have a Fitbit (or similar step tracker)?

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