That Time Our Floor Caved In


living room, dining room, floor repair, retileOur floor didn’t really cave in. Catchy headline, though, right? Remember how I was all proud of unpacking our thousands of pounds of belongings within like, a week of getting everything? Well, turns out I spoke to soon. Because our floor room, dining room, floor repair, retileOK — not really, but we thought it was about to collapse onto our downstairs neighbors. Turns out there’s no structural damage to speak of. The tiles simply expanded and cracked when we turned our heat room, dining room, floor repair, retileThis doesn’t really make sense to me because we don’t have radiant floor heating (we have radiator heating) and the temperature difference between inside and outside wasn’t that vast. Also, it’s not a new apartment or new flooring, so what happened when the previous tenants turned their heat on last year?living room, dining room, floor repair, retileFortunately the Embassy handled everything with our landlord, who pretty quickly determined the problem, took a floor sample, purchased new tiles, gutted the cracked ones and installed the new ones. We had to re-pack all our stuff in the living room and dining room and the Embassy had to move all our furniture from those rooms room, dining room, floor repair, retileIt wouldn’t have been a big deal except the floor cracked the first day our friend Lisa was visiting us — which also happened to be the weekend we had planned to host our first dinner party. We still hosted it, albeit a bit less formal (eating in our laps in the family room) instead of putting our fancy wedding china to use. At least it made for a good room, dining room, floor repair, retileThe new tiles don’t quite match the old ones, and I was wondering why, since they had to retile about two-thirds of the floor, they didn’t just do the whole thing, but we’re not the ones paying. At least we didn’t have to repack all our stuff and move into a new building. That would have been a room, dining room, floor repair, retileMaybe they’re purposefully mismatched?We’ll just throw a couple rugs on top and call it a day. We don’t really spend a lot of time in these two rooms anyway.Have you ever experienced cracked tiles due to heat/temperature changes?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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