Jordan House Tour | Before & After: Master Bedroom


amman, jordan, foreign service housing, house tour, master bedroom, afterOur virtual apartment tour comes to an end with a look at our final room: the master bedroom. By far the biggest highlight of our stuff arriving was having our own bed — especially our super-comfy pillow-top mattress.amman, jordan, foreign service housing, house tour, master bedroom, beforeMaster bedroom, before.amman, jordan, foreign service housing, house tour, master bedroom, afterMaster bedroom, after.I recently had a conversation with a Foreign Service Officer about the Embassy-provided Drexel Heritage headboards. Personally, they are not my style, but I didn’t find them terribly offensive. Some people might find the familiarity of the same headboard, lamps, dining tables, etc. comforting upon arriving in a new country — but she immediately burst into tears upon walking into her apartment the day she arrived from the airport.amman, jordan, foreign service housing, house tour, master bedroom, beforeBefore.Amman-Apartment-After-49After.I bought this ridiculously huge four-compartment laundry sorter to make it easier for our housekeeper to do my laundry. Like a lot of women I know, I am sort of picky with the way my clothes are washed: Some things can be machine-washed and dried normally, other things can be machine-washed but need to hang dry (looking at you, skinny jeans) and some things are delicate/hand wash only and hang dry. Then there’s lights and darks. I’m not so picky, however, that I don’t let other people do my laundry.amman, jordan, foreign service housing, house tour, master bedroom, beforeAll the bedrooms have these nice, big closets with lots of shelves and storage space. We don’t have a coat closet or linen closet, so the office closet doubles as that, but we have a lot of storage space, generally.amman, jordan, foreign service housing, house tour, master bedroom, afterIt’s a very large room with an ensuite bathroom (our second full bathroom in the apartment). The way our apartment is shaped is a little odd: It’s really long and you can see all the way from the back of our bedroom to the front window of the formal living room. Now we just need more carpets to cover all the chilly wood and tile floors!Are you picky with your laundry?Check out previous Jordan House Tour posts: foyer & living room, kitchen & dining roomfamily roomguest bedroom and office. Also see my Kabul house tour and San Salvador house tour.

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

4 thoughts on “Jordan House Tour | Before & After: Master Bedroom

  1. Wait. I’m still trying to process “nice big closets” and decent storage. Hahaha! Loved your entire before/after series. I would also love a laundry sorter. I don’t particularly like others doing my laundry, but I let my last housekeeper do it. My current housekeeper doesn’t do laundry (or ironing, for that matter), but I’m content to do it myself. Now if only one day we can have an American sized washer/dryer I’d be a real happy Mama!


  2. Hi! Miss you! I love that headboard. I almost bought one exactly like that for us last year when I bought a new bedroom set of dressers and side tables, but our headboard was metal and passable and at the time I could not justify further expense. I also just bought a laundry sorter! Cheap from Walmart. I’m trying to decide if it should go in our laundry room or our bedroom… Mike likes to strip off workout clothes and layered clothes as he comes in the door to the laundry room so I think I might keep it in there so he can attempt to preliminarily sort. I wish I had someone to do my laundry! I always get halfway done, baby takes me away and then Mike pulls everything out of the dryer later without running wrinkle release and all my clean clothes end up in a rumpled mess on top of the dryer. Maybe I should apply for the foreign service? Your master bedroom looks very homey and comfy 🙂


    1. The headboard is totally DIY (Kail and his parents made it for me when we still lived in Arlington before we moved to El Salvador). I was (/am) obsessed with tufted button headboards and furniture generally. I’m not sure the headboard will survive another international move (it has gone from the U.S. to El Salvador, back to the U.S. for a year in storage, and now to Amman).You should apply to the Foreign Service! 😉


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