Project Life: Jordan | The Beginning


project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsAfter I finished my Afghanistan scrapbook, I didn’t waste any time before starting my Project Life: Jordan scrapbook. In our first two months at post, most of which we didn’t have a car, we managed to do quite a bit.project life, first page card, cinnamon edition, beck higgins, adventure bound and keeping it realFrom Project Life’s “Cinnamon Edition” Core Kit.It’s all those CLO Trips: Mount Nebo & Madaba, olive picking and touring Carakale brewery. We also managed to tour the Amman Citadel and take a trip to the Dead Sea on our own.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsFunnily enough, in the week and a half or so that we’ve had our car, we haven’t really done much beyond use it to haul dry cleaning and packages back and forth from the Embassy. We did make our first big trip to the grocery store and IKEA, which was very exciting.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsIKEA didn’t make it into the scrapbook (at least not this time), but our second Marine Ball did. Among the tickets, table tents, program and photos, there were a lot of scrapbook-worthy keepsakes.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsI might have to break my one-scrapbook-per-post goal and use two binders for Jordan. It’s a four-year tour, after all. Sure, we won’t be doing as much traveling as we did during our year in Afghanistan, but we’ll have more day-to-day (or at least weekend) memories to treasure.project life, jordan, scrapbooking, beck higginsWhat crafting projects are you working on these days? It’s the holiday season, so you must have something in the works!See previous posts about my Project Life scrapbooks: Project Life: El Salvador and Project Life: Afghanistan.

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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