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dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, poolKail and I took advantage of the recent U.S. federal holiday in observance of Columbus Day to make our first visit to the Dead Sea. Since our work week is Sunday through Thursday, federal holidays normally observed on Mondays in the United States are observed on Sundays here, so we had a three-day weekend.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead seaWe decided to spend Saturday to Sunday at the Dead Sea, knowing local tourists wouldn’t be around since it was just a regular Sunday workday for everyone else. We departed Amman around 10 a.m. and arrived to our resort by 11:00 a.m. The next day, we checked out at 3:00 p.m. so we really were able to enjoy a long stay.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, dead sea mudDead Sea mud.There are a lot of resorts at the Dead Sea, and many that come highly recommended from our colleagues for either overnight stays or day trips. Knowing we have four years to explore our choice of resorts, we opted for the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea since we are IHG Rewards Club members and had great experiences at the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives and Holiday Inn Resort Krabi Ao Nang Beach.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, poolWell, lesson learned. We should have listened to the many people who recommended better resorts. We had a major incident involving raw sewage flooding the entire area outside our room (and eventually seeping into our room). Also, the customer service generally was not very good. I won’t go into all the details here but you can check out my (first negative) Trip Advisor review.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, family suiteFamily suite, room one.The resort itself is super-nice — with an awesome pool and great rooms (we got upgraded to a huge family suite that had two separate rooms and three beds) — but the whole sewage-and-bad-customer-service thing just left a bad … smell in my nose? If the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea were the only resort around, then that would be one thing, but given the fact that there are several others to choose from — which I’m sure have equally nice if not nicer facilities — I don’t know if we’ll be going back to the Holiday Inn.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, family suiteFamily suite, room two.I know you’re probably thinking, Duh — it’s a Holiday Inn! Why would you stay there? But the resort in the Maldives was so nice — and we’ve had other good experiences at normal Holiday Inns (or even Holiday Inn Expresses), including recent trips to London and SingaporeWe did get moved to another suite (across the grounds from where the sewage leak happened) with a better view.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, poolSuite with a view: one of many pools at the resort.Before the sewage fiasco, we did enjoy ourselves quite a bit. We basically checked into our room, changed into bathing suits and hit the pool before noon — and didn’t (attempt to) return to our room until late afternoon/early evening.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead seaWe lounged by the pool and enjoyed Carakale, Jordanian beer, at the swim-up bar. We headed down to the seaside tents and chairs to read and relax with a peaceful view of the Dead Sea. We took a dip in the strangely buoyant, salty waters. We slathered ourselves in Dead Sea mud.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead seaBobbing.Even after the sewage fiasco (and after we were placated with complementary Glenmorangie scotch), we sat on the beautiful terrace bar/lounge area with a great view of sunset over the sea. And the next morning, we had breakfast (with again, less-than-stellar customer service) and  were able to enjoy a nearly-empty pool and a few extra hours of reading and lounging before checkout.dead sea, jordan, holiday inn resort dead sea, dead sea sunsetManagement did its best to deal with the situation, but based on the copy-and-paste generic reply to my Trip Advisor review, I have the feeling customer service is just not a priority for the Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea. It’s not as if the prices there are ridiculously lower than other resorts, so you “pay for” quality with a discount. Overall, we enjoyed the experience of our first visit to — and dip in — the Dead Sea, but we’re looking forward to visiting and staying at different resorts in the future.What’s the worst (or best) hotel experience you’ve had?See more photos from the Dead Sea.

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5 thoughts on “Jordan | Holiday Inn Resort Dead Sea

  1. It’s funny, you mentioned the Dead Sea and I was curious to see where you stayed… And then did a bit of a double-take when you said it was the Holiday Inn.At least now I can scratch that one off my to-do list.We’ve stayed at the Crowne Plaza, the Kempinski, and the Movenpick.The Kempinski has obviously been the hands down winner. You can actually get some reasonable rates there if you set up a price tracker or something like that. We’ve gotten gorgeous rooms there for as little has 140 JDs.Crowne Plaza was nice too (fantastic spa) but when we went, it had newly opened, and the other guests were overwhelmingly Saudi. A bit uncomfortable when you’re in a North American swimsuit.A bunch of my colleagues like the Movenpick. We went for Eid this year and it was a disaster. Terrible customer service, things broken in the hotel room, etc. Nice baby pool though. I hear that as a rule, you should avoid Jordanian holidays/Saudi holidays. It gets crowded and the service gets worse.With less than a year left, I think we’re going to stick with the Kempinski!


    1. Holiday Inn Resorts can be really nice! This was one, minus the issues I mentioned. I’m glad we have some other options. It seems most of my colleagues like the Kempinski or Movenpick (for overnight or day trips). I was thinking the Crowne Plaza would be nice (also an IHG hotel, so we can get upgraded or use points for rooms).Remind me again — do you live in Amman?


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