Project Life: Afghanistan | Completed


project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, cinnamon edition, core kit, last page cardOur first shipment arrived a couple weeks ago– our HHE from Afghanistan, which included not only essentials such as our coffee maker and other kitchen implements but our printer and my scrapbooking supplies! After unpacking, my first task was to complete my Project Life: Afghanistan scrapbook.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookSince my last Project Life: Afghanistan update, halfway through our Kabul tour, a lot happened. We did a lot of traveling (Thailand, Laos & Cambodia, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore and London). We finished our tour in Afghanistan. We went on home leave in the United States. I started graduate school and finished my first classWe moved to Amman, Jordan and started new jobs.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookAn Afghan invitation and Easter egg dying.I write about major changes, trips and life events on my blog, but I don’t write about a lot of the day to day happenings: dinners, parties and other social gatherings (like Easter-egg-dying-turned-flip-cup tournament). Scrapbooks are a good place to capture some of those everyday moments that otherwise might be forgotten.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookIn our travels I’ve also picked up a lot of menus, maps, brochures, ticket stubs and other memorabilia that I try to incorporate into the different Project Life layouts. Sure, pictures are one thing, but how else am I supposed to capture the deliciousness of Zubuchon or the essence of Hobbiton?project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookI’m working on getting my Project Life: Jordan scrapbook started. I already have photos and keepsakes from the few tourism activities we’ve done (Mount Nebo & Madaba, Amman Citadel and the Dead Sea, among others).project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookI’m partial to the “Cinnamon Edition” theme and since I had so many cards leftover from my previous two scrapbooks, I only had to purchase downloadable and printable first and last page cards (including the first image in this blog post) to round out what I’m missing to start a brand new scrapbook. See previous posts about my Project Life scrapbooks: Project Life: El Salvador and Project Life: Afghanistan.Do you keep a scrapbook or organize photos/mementos in another way?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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