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filipino breakfast, longsilog, longganisa, garlic riceSince Kail joined the Foreign Service, any time we’ve gone back to the U.S., we have found it difficult to moderate our diets. We’re so excited to experience our favorite — or even non-favorite but simply nostalgia-inducing — foods and restaurants that our clothes are fitting a bit tighter by the end of our trip.This home leave after our tour in Afghanistan was no exception, although we tried to be a bit more measured in terms of what we ate. (Huge American-style Mexican food for dinner meant a salad for lunch, etc.) I can definitely say I did not consume nearly as many hamburgers as I did the previous summer.filipino breakfast, tociilog, tocino, garlic rice, fairfax innFilipino breakfasts though? Well that’s a different story. We had Filipino breakfast several times during home leave: first at the Fairfax Inn in Falls Church, some homemade meals and again at Bistro 7107 in Crystal City.filipino breakfast, longsilog, longganisaSee, I had to have Filipino breakfast at my parents’ house — nothing beats mama’s home cooking. (There were some leftovers, so we had some the next day as well.) Then, Kail’s parents were curious to try it, after hearing so much about Filipino food from our RRB to the Philippines. So we had to pack some frozen longganisa sausages and chicken tocino in a cooler for the 11-hour drive to Michigan.filipino breakfast, longsilog, garlic riceI’m not well practiced at preparing Filipino breakfast, but I did my best to represent, frying up some garlic rice and sunny-side-up eggs to accompany the sweetened cured meats. It’s not a meal you can have everyday (or even every week — unless you’re only in the U.S. for a month), but I think my in-laws enjoyed it.filipino breakfast, longsilog, longganisaAt this point I thought we were Filipino-breakfasted out, but then we visited my sister in Virginia Beach, which has a large Filipino-American community and, subsequently, many delicious Filipino restaurants and oriental grocery stores stocking all the staples. When in Rome …What’s your favorite breakfast food?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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