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singapore, knife-cut noodles, noodle soup, formosa delightsKnife-cut noodles at Formosa Delights.As I looked through the hundreds of photos I took during our R&R to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, I was disappointed by how few food pictures took — specifically the amazingly delicious food we had in Singapore. So you’ll have to bear with me and my couple Instagram/iPhone photos and let my writing describe the flavors as best as I can.Singapore is arguably the culinary capital of the world. Its cuisine is as diverse as its racial makeup, with Chinese, Indian, Malay and other Asian and European flavors influencing its dishes.singapore, raffles hotel, afternoon tea, high teaAfternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel.You could walk into any hawker center or food court, order any dish and it would — nine times out of 10 — be delicious. The only planning required is figuring out what exactly you’re in the mood for: a noodle soup? A spicy curry? Steamed buns? Sushi? Filipino dessert?lucky plaza, singapore, food, filipino food, halo halo, mix mixHalo halo from Lucky Plaza.When we weren’t hopping on and off our tour bus, Kail and I spent a good amount of time in malls: Suntec City, Marina Square, ION Orchard, Paragon, Lucky Plaza … probably others we didn’t even realize were different because it seems every mall in Singapore is connected to another mall until you emerge and realize you’re three blocks away from where you entered.The great thing about Singapore malls — other than the air conditioning — is the food courts. The best meal we had in Singapore were dumplings and noodle soups from Formosa Delights at the Food Republic food court at Suntec City Mall. We also got Korean food at Lucky Plaza — known for its Filipino food — and halo halo for dessert.singapore, shopping, sanrio store, pompompurinPompompurin display at the Sanrio store in Marina Square mall.The only bad food experience we had was the result of heeding advice from the hop-on hop-off prerecorded tour narration: chicken rice, one of Singapore’s national dishes. Chicken rice is cold, flavorless chicken breast and steamed rice served with chicken stock. And sometimes a hard boiled egg or two.In my mind I was picturing some kind of spicy fried rice with chicken and, when asked if we wanted eggs, I imagined it topped with a fried egg. Yum. Now that sounds good. Instead, we got the plate described above. I was disappointed, more so because we didn’t have that many meals and I really should have just ordered fried rice or noodle soup from one of the many other food stalls.Or just done a quick Googling of chicken rice before committing myself to something unknown.singapore, raffles hotel, singapore slingThe other great thing about Singapore malls is all the shopping. Even Kail, who hates shopping, enjoyed wandering around the malls (probably more because of the air conditioning and food, but still — he bought some things). Now, if we were visiting from the U.S. — or even a post where we had a little more freedom and could go out and do stuff like shop — the malls probably wouldn’t have been as appealing.There’s everything from high-end luxury stores that we can’t afford to more reasonably priced stores like H&M, UNIQLO and Cotton On to novelty shops like Sanrio Gift Gate. Similar to other Asian countries we’ve visited, consumer culture and shopping are a big part of, well, the culture in Singapore. My love of stuff and things has been well documented on this blog, so I fit right in.singapore, raffles hotel, singapore sling, long barOur other favorite dining experience in Singapore was afternoon tea at the Raffles Hotel, which offered the traditional three-tiered stand of tea sandwiches and baked goods along with an excellent dim sum buffet featuring steamed buns, dumplings, scones and more desserts.After tea we headed upstairs to the Long Bar, home of the original Singapore Sling. Personally I’m not a big cocktail person — especially fruity cocktails — but when in Rome Singapore …What’s your favorite mall?See more photos from Singapore.

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