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singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, singapore skylineAfter five days in Sydney and 11 days in New Zealand, Kail and I arrived to Singapore for the final leg of our epic three-week R&R. It was a short stay — just three days — but it was enough to hit the highlights and make us want to return for another visit.singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, singapore skylineAnd what better way to see Singapore than a two-day ticket for a hop-on hop-off bus tour? It’s the ultimate tourist activity. I had never done a double-decker bus tour before, and I always wanted to.singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo toursWhat a tourist.For a while I pretended I would never do something so … touristy but then I realized, I’m a tourist. There’s no point trying to “blend in” and pretend I’m a local or I know my way around. Just embrace your tourist-ness. We even did another hop-on hop-off tour in London on another trip (more on that later).singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, raffles hotelRaffles Hotel.Singapore is awesome for many reasons: food, shopping and especially public transportation. Its subway system is super-easy to use and you can definitely get around the city without a car. In fact (I learned on the pre-recorded tour narration), Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to own a car, and the government makes it pretty difficult to buy or own one.singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, singapore skylineHelix Bridge.You have to buy an expensive 10-year permit to own a car, and even then, there are restrictions (based on license plate numbers) about when you can drive. When you can drive, there are tolls on the busiest roads to discourage traffic. So public transportation really is the way to go.singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, suntec cityWe rode the subway a few times, but we also used our DUCK & HiPPO tickets as a way to get around the city. We purchased the 48-hour pass, which gives you access to the City, Heritage and Original bus routes, all of which stop at Singapore’s main historic and commercial tourist attractions along with hotels/resorts/casinos, tons of malls and shopping centers and contemporary and historic government buildings, including Parliament and Istana (the President’s house).singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, parliamentParliament.Since we were only in Singapore for three days, a lot of our sightseeing was just that — seeing the sights from a drive-by on the bus. We did, however, make time to visit (in person) some of the city’s main attractions, which I’ll write about in more detail later. It was so hot — quite a difference from the winter weather we experienced in New Zealand — so the hop-on hop-off tour was a nice way to cover a lot of ground without having a heat stroke.singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo tours, war memorial park, four chopsticksWar Memorial Park.The Civilian War Memorial monument at War Memorial Park is also called “the four chopsticks,” which symbolize racial unity and represent the four main races in Singapore: Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.singapore, hop-on hop-off tour, duck & hippo toursThe main hub for the Duck & HiPPO tours is Suntec City Mall, so we could do a little bit of shopping or grab lunch or a snack in between hopping on and off the bus tour. I’ll write more about Singapore’s food, shopping and sights in future posts.Have you ever done a hop-on hop-off tour?See more photos from Singapore.

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