My First Stitch Fix


stitch fix, online shopping, fashion, cabrillo tie neck blouseI’ve been intrigued by the idea of Stitch Fix — an online shopping service through which “personal stylists” hand-pick specific items for customers — for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and received my first Fix in the mail.Now that I’m going to be working in a professional, non-conflict zone environment, my wardrobe could use a little refreshing. Also I’m going to burn all the clothes I wore over the past year in Afghanistan.How does Stitch Fix work? It’s really simple: Signing up is free. You create an online style profile where you give your basic measurements and sizes and also describe your style in both words and pictures (by ranking various outfit combinations displayed). You can also set price ranges for tops, pants, dresses, accessories, outerwear, etc. (Stitch Fix says their average item costs $55.)When it comes time to place an order, there’s an automatic $20 styling fee, which is then deducted from the cost of any items you decide to purchase. If you purchase all five items in a Fix, you get a 25 percent discount. Sound awesome? Sign up by using my referral link! I’ll get a $25 credit for each person who signs up and places an order.

Untitled #13515

 You can also determine the frequency with which you receive orders. You can place them manually, whenever you feel like you need some new clothes. Or you can sign up to receive automatic shipments every two to three weeks, monthly, every two months or quarterly. It’s perfect for people in the Foreign Service living overseas, but I can also see benefits for busy professionals in the States.In addition to the information in your style profile, each time you place an order, you can leave your stylist a note with specific instructions for that order — for example, if you’re looking for a new pair of heels or a dress for an upcoming event.My style request stated that I’ll be working at an embassy in a Middle Eastern country, so the dress code is a bit more on the conservative side than what might be considered the norm in the U.S. I’m looking for timeless/classic pieces or trendier pieces that can be paired/layered with timeless/classic items. Based on these instructions, I think my stylist did a pretty good job.

Untitled #13290

 I really liked three of the five items I received — the Brixon Ivy Romford Stretch Lace Knit Top and the 41Hawthorn Cabrillo Tie Neck Blouse (both pictured above) and a pencil skirt — but I only kept the first two because the skirt wasn’t quite the right fit. OK, it was too small (I changed my pants/skirt size in my online profile … womp womp). I might request the skirt in a future order.The package comes with the style cards pictured above showing two outfit combinations for each piece of clothing. The lace knit top is definitely not something I would normally pick out for myself, but after trying it on, seeing it styled on the cards and reading my stylist’s note, I decided to keep it. The tie-neck blouse is more along my style, but not necessarily the outfit combinations pictured on the card.I’m trying to get Kail to sign up for the male version of Stitch Fix, Bombfell, but he’s reluctant. I’m going to hold off on my next Stitch Fix order until we’ve arrived to Jordan and settled in, but I’m looking forward to seeing other new (to me) styles they put together!Have you ever shopped with a personal stylist (in person or online)? Give it a try!

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

5 thoughts on “My First Stitch Fix

    1. Yes! I actually got an automatic email a few days after my order asking “Have you sent back your returns?” I replied and explained I was mailing it back from the U.S. Embassy DPO in Kabul so it would take a bit longer. Someone from Stitch Fix replied saying they make a note on all accounts with military and diplomatic addresses that shipping delays are to be expected (and that they’re updating their email alert system so it doesn’t keep sending the auto reminders — but to just ignore them for now).I’ve only done the one order but once we move to/settle in in Amman I’m definitely going to do another one.


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