Homemade Koshari


koshari, koshary, egyptian food, recipeEver since my trip to Egypt, I’ve been wanting to make koshari, an Egyptian street food dish made of rice, macaroni, lentils and chickpeas, topped with a spicy tomato sauce and fried onions. Healthy!Finally, I planned ahead enough to order/scavenge from the DFAC the ingredients I needed and made a version of koshari on a recent day off. Except I didn’t quite have ALL the ingredients — particularly the spices necessary to make the tomato sauce — so it wasn’t as good as the real thing. Few things are though.koshari, koshary, egyptian food, recipeI Googled around a bit and settled on this koshari recipe from The Daring Gourmet, which also called for a tomato sauce recipe using a special homemade blend of baharat spice mix. Not having all the spices on hand (like cardamom seeds) and skipping the whole dry-roasting-spices-and-grinding-them thing definitely compromised the quality of my tomato sauce. I thought it turned out more chili-flavored than I remembered as well.koshari, koshary, egyptian food, recipeSpice mix.I went rogue and threw in some additional flavors: cayenne pepper and Sazón Completa, a “complete seasoning” spice mix we packed in our consumables shipment.koshari, koshary, egyptian food, recipeI think I would have enjoyed the koshari more had I made a traditional tomato sauce (like the kind I make for my homemade Chicago-style deep-dish pizza). In fact, when Kail and I were having koshari leftovers we forewent my homemade spicy tomato sauce and used a store-bought pasta sauce.Maybe a sweet tomato sauce isn’t traditional when it comes to koshari, but it suits my palette better than a chili-like sauce (and I love me some chili — don’t get me wrong). It was still good and hit the spot, although I promised Kail the real thing — in Cairo — is much better than anything I can make. We’ll just have to plan a trip there one day so he can taste it for himself.What’s your favorite street food?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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