Seventy-Five Percent


foreign service packout, HHE, UAB, moving overseas, moving abroad, packing for international moveNot quite time to start packing out, but a girl can dream, right?We are three-quarters of the way through our tour in Afghanistan. Nine months down, three to go. It’s already time to start thinking about the transfer process, readying for yet another packout, move and, of course, job-hunting.I had two job interviews over the past week for Jordan. Vamos a ver. We’ll be living there for four years, so I’m not as obsessed with finding a job immediately as I was with El Salvador and Afghanistan (since it is required for EFMs to have jobs in order to accompany their spouses here). Still, they are both excellent opportunities and I will be disappointed if I don’t get one.In other news, we still have one more R&R to enjoy in our last three months. It will be our longest trip yet: 20 days. Twenty. Days.Does it seem like Kail and I are always on vacation? Trust me: We’re not. We spend plenty of time here on the compound in Kabul, working six days a week. We backloaded our allotted 65 out-of-country days so we spent more time in Kabul during the first half of our tour (poor Kail had an 11-week stretch between Nepal and the Maldives, whereas I got to go to Egypt for a two-week training).As difficult as it was to space out those first couple breaks, it was worth it because now we are in the home stretch and it’ll (hopefully) go by even faster with a long vacation built in. I rarely write about work-related things so this blog also makes it seem like life in Afghanistan is one long R&R. Again, trust me: It’s not.We’re almost at the finish line. Wish us luck!Are you counting down to something exciting? A vacation? A big change at work?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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