Happy Easter!


easter eggs, easter egg dying, paasDyed easter eggs.In our Easter seasonal care package, my in-laws included PAAS egg-dying kits. We decided to invite some friends over to participate in the festivities. Nothing like some egg-dying over mimosas and snacks!easter eggs, easter egg dying, paasBeing far away from our families, it’s nice to be able to share holiday traditions with our Foreign Service friends — our adopted family of sorts. This was the first time we carried out an Easter tradition (last year we were diving in Costa Rica), but we have had some really nice experiences celebrating other holiday traditions overseas, including Thanksgiving (one in Kabul and two in El Salvador) and baking and exchanging Christmas cookies.easter eggs, easter egg dying, paasThe PAAS egg-dying kits are a lot fancier than the old-fashioned method of vinegar and food coloring, but we found the tried-and-true system still works best. The kits we had were “pearlescent” and “gold.”The pearlescent kit came with “gloves” (Ziploc bags) to help roll the egg around in the dye to produce a marbled sort of look. The gold kit came with little paintbrushes and a mix of gold paint and colored dyes. The most even colors, however, came from just dipping eggs the old-fashioned way.easter eggs, easter egg dying, paasIt was fun experimenting with different techniques (the wire champagne cork holders proved useful as little baskets in which to dunk the eggs). More importantly, it was fun sort of feeling like we weren’t in Kabul.Happy Easter! How are you celebrating?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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