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maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandoomaKail and I recently returned from our second (of three) regional rest breaks (RRB). Where were we? Paradise. Otherwise known as the Maldives. The Maldives are an island nation on the Indian Ocean comprised of 26 atolls, ring-shaped chains of islands/reefs.maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandoomaIt was amahzing. The water is so blue and clear, it was like a swimming pool. (Note: we did not stay in one of the above-water beach houses, but rather just a regular old, two-level ocean-front beach house. Tough life, I know.)eurodivers, maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandooma, turtleTortuga!We dove. We snorkeled. We enjoyed clean air and warm sunshine. We ran. We slept and relaxed. I’m going to write more detailed posts on our resort and all the activities we enjoyed, but for now I just wanted share some photos and highlights, by the numbers.maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandoomaYou know my love of “By the Numbers” posts: First Year in El SalvadorR&R in Hawaii, RRB in Nepal. Perhaps I’m a little bit OCD but I just enjoy counting/keeping track of things. Except when there are so many that I can’t keep track, like All The Sharks.maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandooma, sting rayStingrays though, we only saw two — and not while diving, but from the safety of the shore. I was hoping to see some eagle rays like we saw in Utila but we weren’t as lucky this time around. Plenty of other sea life in the Indian Ocean though, which I’ll write more about later!maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandoomaWe only saw one true ocean sunset, because not too far from the western shore of our island was another small island, blocking our view of the ocean horizon. When we departed for our one night dive, however, we sailed (OK, motored) into the sunset and, once the sun dipped below the horizon, jumped into the dark waters below.maldives, buceo, diving, paradise, beach vacation, holiday inn kandoomaWe saw a lot of Maldivian herons. Or maybe it was just the same heron, hanging around our small island resort.Eleven days was plenty of time to enjoy what our island resort had to offer. At the same time, 11 days isn’t quite enough of a break from Afghanistan. But what is? Luckily we have one more RRB and two R&Rs (rest and recuperation, the only major difference being the price of the airline ticket afforded by each). That’s three more vacations in the last six months of our tour. I can make it.See more photos from the Maldives.

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13 thoughts on “RRB in the Maldives | By the Numbers

    1. Thanks! It was beautiful. And then on the way back after our dive, the sky was filled with so many stars — I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many (because it was so dark out in the middle of the ocean).


  1. […] One other thing Kail and I have been doing here in Kabul (thanks in large part to seasonal care packages from my in-laws) is decorating one of our living room end tables with different themes. We had an autumn theme for a while, a mini Christmas tree and now, some heart-shaped doilies and glittery hearts for Valentine’s Day. Between holidays, though, we’re displaying some pretty seashells and coral we collected from the Maldives. […]


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