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nepalese food, nepal, newari kitchen, pokhara, momo, dumplingMomos (Nepalese dumplings). I ate 17 of these over the course of our trip.While our nine-course Nepali dinner at Krishnarpan was the culinary highlight of our RRB in Nepal, we had some darn good meals during the rest of our trip. True, my enthusiasm for the food may have had more to do with being compound-bound since our arrival to Afghanistan than the quality of the food itself, but that still didn’t diminish our enjoyment. Also: Can you really get tired of dumplings?nepalese food, nepal, momo, dumpling, temple tree resort, pokharaShumai, a close cousin of the momo.I still maintain that the food at the DFAC isn’t that bad, and we have had some pretty good food in Kabul. But the sheer variety of foods available in Nepal — Nepalese, Indian, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian, American, you name it — was such a nice break from the dietary monotony of compound life.nepalese food, nepal, wo, newari kitchen, pokharaWo, a Nepalese meat and egg patty.Even McDonald’s for lunch during our layover in New Delhi was such a treat. We definitely had our fill of Nepalese food, including speciality restaurants such as Krishnarpan in Kathmandu and Newari Kitchen in Pokhara, along with the buffets at Temple Tree Resort and Green Park Chitwan.

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//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsWe also enjoyed other international flavors not available to us on the compound in Kabul, like Vietnamese pho. (Pho was one of the few foods I really missed in El Salvador as well, since everything else was pretty much available.)pokhara, nepal, food, pizza, caffe concertoAnd although we do have access to decent pizza on the compound, it’s just so much better on the outside. The second-best meal we had on our trip (after Krishnarpan) was Korean food at Natssul in Pokhara.pokhara, nepal, food, korean, natssulBibimbap. Nom.It’s tough being in vacation made and reining in my tendency to eat everything in sight. I partially justified the excess by telling myself I would burn it all off hiking, but we had some pretty sedentary days as well. Kail and I have been trying to crack down and get ourselves into shape before our next vacation, which will involve bathing suits, but it’s tough, even with a good workout routine in place and a Fitbit as motivator.What’s the best vacation meal you’ve had?

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3 thoughts on “RRB in Nepal | Food

  1. OMG I have to agree with you about dumplings – – – always amazing!!! You should do a post about the food on the compound (if you are allowed to). (Maybe you already did and I missed it.)ALSO when I went to China the food was amazing, but in Thailand we made sure that one person ordered pad Thai EVERY DAY because it was just that good. And if you can get pad Thai made with green mango shreds instead of the noodles that is even better. Would you ever end up in SE Asia as an FSO?


    1. I haven’t written a post solely about food on the compound, but I have addressed it in different posts. :)We are probably going to Thailand on one of our trips — I am going to eat pad thai everyday! There are some USAID posts in certain Southeast Asian countries. This time around there weren’t any positions for Kail, but maybe one day. Ojalá!


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