RRB in Nepal | Krishnarpan


krishnarpan, dwarika's, nepalese food, nine-course dinner, kathmandu, nepalMomo: Traditional Nepali minced meat dumplings served with chutney.My posts about our trip to Nepal are winding down (it’s been almost two months since we returned, after all), and I’m saving the best for last. No, not amazing views of the Himalayan Mountains, seeing a rhino in the wild or bathing elephants. I’m talking about food.krishnarpan, dwarika's, nepalese food, nine-course dinner, kathmandu, nepalPersonalized menus! A scrapbooker’s dream.We ate some good food on our trip (anything seems good after eating at the same cafeteria for breakfast, lunch and dinner for nine weeks). The highlight by far was Krishnarpan, a Nepali restaurant in the super-fancy Dwarika’s Hotel in Kathmandu.krishnarpan, dwarika's, nepalese food, nine-course dinner, kathmandu, nepalAssortment of hors d’oeuvres served during religious ceremonies.Our friends Melisa and Jonathan took us to Krishnarpan our last night in Kathmandu. They had previously been there to celebrate their wedding anniversary earlier in the year. It was a wonderful way to end our trip: eating delicious foods and being with friends.krishnarpan, dwarika's, nepalese food, nine-course dinner, kathmandu, nepalRoasted mushroom marinated with Nepalese spices, deep-fried soft fine flour bread, sautéed organic spinach with Nepali spices.We ate nine courses. Nine. You can choose from six to 22 courses. I can’t imagine eating any more than we did. After the first two plates I felt like I didn’t need to eat anymore. After a couple more courses I was getting full. And when the last large platter of rice, curries, potatoes and lentils came around I couldn’t believe dessert was still on its way.krishnarpan, dwarika's, nepalese food, nine-course dinner, kathmandu, nepalSteamed organic rice, organic lentil flash fried with Himalayan herbs, traditional Nepali chicken curry cooked with aromatic Nepalese herbs and spices, long gourd and soybean curry cooked in thick gravy, stir-fried potato and bean curry, stir-fried pointed gourd.It would have been impossible to finish everything on one’s plate, but even a sample of every course was incredibly filling — and delicious! The restaurant is really nice — from the decor to the seating arrangements (low tables with cushions on the ground) to the place settings and service.krishnarpan, dwarika's, nepalese food, nine-course dinner, kathmandu, nepalMixed vegetable soup cooked with Nepali spices.In addition to the personalized menus, the restaurant gives each guest a souvenir: a handmade terra cotta brick imprinted with Astamangals, the eight lucky signs of Nepali iconography. And since Melisa and Jonathan are such wonderful friends they gave us their menus and bricks as keepsakes from our trip. I have a brick on my desk at home and my desk at work, which I often look at while listening to Tibetan incantations in an effort to be less stressed.Have you ever tried Nepalese food?

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