RRB in Nepal | Kathmandu


kathmandu, nepal, durbar square, dashainDurbar Square.We began and ended our trip to Nepal in Kathmandu. Our wonderful friends Melisa and Jonathan picked us up from the airport — and dropped us off (for Pokhara), picked us up (from Chitwan), and dropped us off (for good), opened up their home, drove us around and showed us the sights in and around Kathmandu.kathmandu, nepal, durbar square, dashainI paid them for this photo.We arrived in Nepal during Dashain, a 15-day festival celebrating the victory of good over evil (this, based on my understanding of a cursory reading of Wikipedia). Our first two days in Kathmandu, we didn’t do much. We arrived, ate a really good pizza dinner in Thamel — an area of shops, bars and restaurants popular among backpackers and tourists — went to bed early, and slept. And slept. We were so. Exhausted.kathmandu, nepal, thamelThamel.We weren’t very exciting houseguests those first couple days. I think the pace of work in Kabul just wears you down, and it takes a few days to fully recharge. We set off for Pokhara and Chitwan and by the time we returned from our hiking and safari adventures, we were ready to see what Kathmandu has to offer.kathmandu, nepal, monkey temple, templeMonkeys.We visited Swayambhunath, also known as Monkey Temple, a buddhist temple set atop a hill from which you can see all of Kathmandu. And monkeys. Lots of monkeys.kathmandu, nepal, monkey temple, templeThere were monkeys everywhere, just climbing around, being monkeys. Our friends warned us not to wear clothing/bags that dangled or hold water bottles or other items in our hands, swinging them while walking. Because the monkeys will jump on you and grab them.kathmandu, nepal, monkey temple, templeKathmandu.We also visited Boudhanath, another Buddhist temple in Kathmandu with one of the largest stupas in the world. We walked around the stupa clockwise three times, joining tourists, monks and others in their meditative strolls.kathmandu, nepal, boudhanath, templeThis was the third Buddhist temple we visited in two days, and this was where we finally decided to buy a CD of Tibetan incantations. Om mani padme hum.kathmandu, nepal, boudhanath, templePrayer flags.We took a side trip to Bhaktapur, which has one of the most well-preserved durbar squares in Nepal (also site of some filming for the Keanu Reeves movie “Little Buddha”).bhaktapur, kathmandu, nepal, durbar squareWhile we loved the sightseeing, it was really nice to finish up our trip to Nepal with friends. Just relaxing at their home, watching movies and hanging out. Thank you, Melisa and Jonathan!Have you ever visited a Buddhist temple?See more photos from Kathmandu.

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