That Time I Taught a Spinning Class


spinning, group fitness, spinning playlist, workout playlist, spinning cue sheet, teaching spinningMy history with group fitness classes has been spotty at best. At my gym in DC, I would go to a spinning class once in a blue moon. I would go to yoga about as often. In El Salvador, I was equally as (un)committed. I had a good stretch where I was going to morning spinning at the Maya Country Club but once I started my embassy job and once major road construction started, that ended. I went to a handful of yoga classes but was never disciplined enough to practice regularly.My Kabul fitness regimen is a completely different story. Two months into our tour, I’ve established a good routine involving cardio and strength-training at the gym, yoga and, best of all, spinning — just attending class at first and now, teaching. I’ve even gone to a couple Zumba classes, which I had never done before (me + dancing = No. Just No.).I’m in no way, shape or form anything close to a certified spin instructor. In fact, since arriving to Kabul, I’m pretty sure I’ve at least doubled the amount of spinning classes I’ve gone to. That is how much experience I have. But with few exceptions, pretty much all the fitness classes — from CrossFit to Zumba — are taught by amateur instructors who are volunteering their time to lead the classes.It’s pretty much the end of transfer season, when Foreign Service Officers are departing from/arriving to posts en masse. It seems there’s been an exodus of spin instructors since our arrival. In almost every class I’ve gone to, the instructor has put in a plug for volunteering to teach. No way, I thought. That’s not me.They must have worn me down because I went from outright refusal to Well, maybe to Sign me up to teach the 6:00 a.m. class! The next thing I knew, I was spending an inordinate amount of time creating playlists and corresponding workouts. Any time I’m listening to music I’m thinking about what element of spinning might go well with the song: Maybe a heavy climb? Or: This beat would be perfect for jumps!I did a secret trial run with Kail and my friend Christine, and then I had my official debut (for all three students, two of whom were my husband and aforementioned friend) a couple weeks ago. Last week’s class surprised me with a high turnout for 6:00 a.m. — seven students (yes, one was my husband and one was my friend, but there are only 12 bikes)! My first two classes have gone well and I’m glad I’ve committed myself to exercising at least one morning a week (it’s a lot harder to hit snooze when you’re supposed to lead the class)!I even ordered spinning shoes. I’m still not convinced that regular old sneakers can’t work just as well, but everyone swears that the push and pull that spinning shoes enable make a big difference in your workout. We’ll see.Are you a spinner?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

5 thoughts on “That Time I Taught a Spinning Class

  1. Cooooool! I LOVE spin, but don’t go as often as I like with body pump taking over my work out schedule. I’d totally go to your class, even at 0600!


  2. How cool! It seems like an AIP tour would actually be kind of interesting for pushing yourself to do thing you wouldn’t normally, since after all you have plenty of time. Good for you for making the most of things!


    1. Well … an AIP tour is good if both people in a couple can go together and you don’t have to leave a spouse or young children behind. But yes, there’s definitely time to explore other interests and hobbies since — even though you work longer/more days — you aren’t spending time on other things like commuting, grocery shopping, etc.Thanks for commenting!


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