Project Life: Afghanistan | The Beginning


project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookNow that I’ve finally finished my El Salvador scrapbook, it’s time to get started on Project Life: Afghanistan, in keeping with my goal of creating a scrapbook per Foreign Service tour. We’ve only been here for just over a month, and I had been doubting whether there would be much to scrapbook about given that I never leave the compound.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookBut it turns out we’ve had some interesting, fun and unique experiences — right here in our little bubble of a world. Of course I had to include the obligatory “arrival” page with my plane ticket stubs and a shot (from our hotel room) of the Dubai skyline during our ever-so-brief layover.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookI had some leftover supplies from the Project Life Core Kit (Cinnamon Edition) that I used for my Project Life: El Salvador book, so I decided to stick with the same theme for Afghanistan. I like the Cinnamon Edition because it’s sort of travel-themed and its color palette isn’t as bright/tweenage-girly as some of the others. I ordered another Core Kit, Big Pack of Photo Pocket Pages and the same brown 12×12 binder I used for El Salvador. And with that, I had the makings of a new scrapbook.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookBefore arriving in Kabul, I was worried about maintaining my blog. Would I have anything to write about (other than our five vacations), given that we wouldn’t be able to do normal things like explore the city, go on weekend excursions or dine out in restaurants? And frankly, would I have the time? So far — and I know I’m only one month in — the answer seems to be “yes” on both counts. The same can be said for scrapbooking.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, afghanistan scrapbookFrom our arrival and getting settled to carpet shopping, running a 5k and enjoying the best food in Kabulwe’ve managed to stay busy and find enjoyable things to do. I’m sure I’ll get to a point when the days get monotonous, the food gets old and it’s hard to find “new” (to me) experiences to pass the time. Until then I’ll keep writing and scrapbooking!Are you a scrapbooker?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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