Project Life: El Salvador | Completed


project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookWhile I was excited about the arrival of our coffee maker (and good coffee) and the rest of our thingsone of the things I was most looking forward to unpacking was my El Salvador scrapbook. I got caught up to date in March and worked on it throughout the spring, adding things like buceo, our Semana Santa trip to Costa Rica and other adventures.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookFirst buceos in Lago Ilopango.But since our packout occurred in late May — before our final vacation (to Roatán) and our final goodbyes — I was unable to finish it … until now. I finally was able to put the finishing touches on my Project Life: El Salvador scrapbook!project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookSecond trip to Barra de Santiago and the Gatorade Beach Run.People here always emphasize the importance of taking “mental vacations” in planning your R&Rs/RRBs. The idea is that, it’s not only those 65 out-of-country vacation days that will help get you through this year, but the planning and daydreaming in the weeks and months leading up to them.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookReliving our trip to Monteverde and Playa Junquillal in Costa Rica.For me, flipping through my scrapbook of our time in El Salvador was also a mental vacation of sorts — not only remembering all the fun trips we went on (hello, Utila), but also taking a nostalgic walk down memory lane and seeing photos and memorabilia from work and events at the Embassy, to day-to-day things like the Merliot vegetable market and other aspects of our lives.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbook¡Asuntos Públicos! Lo mejor.project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookBuceo adventure in Utila, Honduras.I only had a few pages to fill in, including our trip to Roatán, some photos/cards from our despedidas and our plane ticket stubs for our flights to Washington. I’d packed the rest of my Project Life Core Kit: Cinnamon Edition, along with my printer, photo paper and supplies like a paper cutter, glue/tape, scissors, etc. (I told you — we have a lot of storage space!).project life, scrapbooking, travel scrapbook, el salvador scrapbookRoatán.Unfortunately something happened to our printer during the move — it’s not quite broken but the LCD screen is smashed and lines appear on printed photos. It’s fine for scrapbooking purposes and printing out documents, although I might consider ordering photo printouts online from Snapfish or Shutterfly in the future.Obviously, I’m planning to work on a Project Life: Afghanistan scrapbook! It will likely be more focused on our five R&Rs/RRBs, but I’ll include some keepsakes from compound life, lest I forget what it’s like and contemplate returning one day.What “mental vacations” do you go on?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

3 thoughts on “Project Life: El Salvador | Completed

  1. Definitely document compound life! It’s hard to imagine now, but when you are far, far away from this time, you’ll struggle to remember just how brown and grey it was, or how claustrophic you felt on a day-to-day basis.Our base in Afghanistan is no longer there. I can’t Google around for images of it (unlike my R&R destinations), and I can only piece together what was there from my (rapidly-fading) memories, and the pictures that other people took.


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