Bidding, Round Two


barra de santiago, sunset, el salvador, ahuachapán, beach, playaThe bid list came out. Or more specifically, the USAID bid list for Critical Priority Country (CPC) bidders (i.e. those serving in places like Afghanistan). You might be thinking, But didn’t you just arrive to post like, five days ago? Trust me — I know. I have had the same thoughts.We arrived to post last Wednesday and two days later, we received the bid list. We have all of two weeks to review the list, determine which jobs are available for Kail, research those jobs/posts (spouse employment opportunities? a good place to start a family? etc.), “lobby” for said jobs and submit our bids. And by “we” I mostly mean “Kail” since the brunt of this workload falls upon him. Poor guy.It’s not like we’re, you know, busy adjusting to life and work here in Kabul or anything. Jetlag? Long workdays? Receiving/unpacking all our stuff? Living in a high-threat environment? NBD.So where are we thinking of bidding? Come on — as if I would give such information away at this early stage. It’s a big deal: Where will we spend the next (post-Afghanistan) four years of our lives?I’m hopeful. Bids are due August 15 and we’ll probably know by late September/early October. Vamos a ver!

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

10 thoughts on “Bidding, Round Two

  1. FOUR YEARS of your lives? Whoa, USAID bidding is major. Best of luck to you! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out. The Afghanistan gig can’t hurt your prospects, I’d imagine. At least there’s that. 🙂


    1. I KNOW. Most USAID posts are four years (actually two consecutive two-year posts, with home leave in between). The exceptions are critical priority countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc., which are one-year tours, or just “priority” countries (Haiti, Nigeria, some others …), which are two years. We’ll see!


  2. Ugh that sounds familiar! Ours came out last year three weeks after we arrived. Admittedly, that’s not TWO DAYS, but it was still crazy.Trouble is, all the posts on the list were for Arabic-speaking posts (thanks to two years of language training requirement), so we had to decide FAST if I was going to continue on that vein or move on to something else a little further down the line.In the end, we went for the latter. Maybe an Arabic post will come up between now and then, and maybe it won’t. But I just couldn’t handle deciding the next six years of my life (three in current post plus three in next post) in I such a rush.Don’t get me started on all the people emailing me for details of how I liked my posting so they could decide whether to bid or not… I was like, I don’t know! I JUST GOT HERE!


    1. That is frustrating! I’m sure you made the best decision. One of my colleagues here, who arrived the same day I did, is listed as a POC for a few positions. I don’t know how he’ll go about answering questions having just arrived here himself!


  3. Been working full time and I CAN’T FIND TIME TO BLOG!!! How are you doing it?We’re bidding too. So curious to see where you’ll end up, maybe we’ll be in the same place!


    1. Well there’s not much to do here in Kabul other than work and work out! Even though the work days are longer, we don’t have to do normal things that take up time like commute, cook, grocery shop/run errands so I’ve managed to find time to blog. :)Looking forward to hearing where you’re heading next! We wouldn’t be arriving until September-ish 2015; what about you guys?


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