Fourth of July in the Nation’s Capital


washington nationals, baseball, natitudeBaseball. America.Even though we were sad to leave El Salvador earlier than originally planned, one benefit is that we were able to spend Fourth of July in the U.S. — and not just anywhere, but in the Nation’s Capital: Washington, DC.washington nationals, baseball, natitude, presidents racePresidents’ race.Kail and I started our celebration of America’s birthday with a baseball game: Washington Nationals vs. Chicago Cubs (Nats lost — boo). It was a beautiful summer day thanks to thunderstorms that cleared out the air and brought temperatures down. What’s more American than baseball, hot dogs (or Shake Shack hamburgers, whatever) and big-headed presidents racing each other around the field?washington nationals, baseball, natitude, presidents raceGeorge takes the lead (I was rooting for TJ, duh).washington nationals, baseball, natitude, presidents raceGeorge wins.After the game, we went on a leisurely almost-five-mile walk from Nationals Park up Barracks Row, past my old ‘hood on Capitol Hill and the U.S. Capitol itself, across the National Mall with a quick stop in the National Gallery of Art, and up Pennsylvania Avenue past the White House, finally giving in at Farragut Square and taking the Metro back to our hotel in Rosslyn. A couple times earlier in the week we’d made the three-mile trek from downtown to Rosslyn but my feet just couldn’t handle it this time!u.s. capitol, washington, dc, congress, july fourth, fourth of july, independence day, nation's capitalAfter not walking anywhere in El Salvador it was nice to just walk and walk (and sit) and walk. And make fun of tourists before we took a look at ourselves and realized: Hey, we don’t live here — we are tourists. Also I kept stopping to take pictures of everything. Classic tourist move.u.s. capitol, washington, dc, congress, july fourth, fourth of july, independence day, nation's capitalThe Willard Hotel, decked out for Independence Day.Despite my waffling about whether we were going to go downtown to watch the fireworks or stake out a spot elsewhere (the Iwo Jima Memorial? Key Bridge?), we ended up not watching them at all. I know. What’s worse: Despite having grown up in Northern Virginia and then living in DC and Arlington for several years before moving to El Salvador, I’ve only made it to the National Mall four — maybe five? — times to see the fireworks. And watched them from other locations maybe two or three times.It was a nice end to my home leave (Kail had a few meetings last week so technically our home leave officially ended June 30, but I didn’t have any official business yet). Now we have a couple weeks of trainings before shipping off to Afghanistan.How was your Fourth of July?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

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