Spanish Friday: ¡Feliz Día de la Independencia!


spanish friday, latina-ish, learning spanish Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.No he escrito español hace muchas semanas. Tampoco lo he hablado ni lo he escuchado. Ya me siento que estoy perdiendo mi español, después de un mes fuera de El Salvador. Pero no importa — solo quería decir a todos: ¡Feliz Día de la Independencia!fireworks, july 4, fourth of july, independence dayEl día de hoy Kail y yo vamos al partido de béisbol y luego, vamos a mirar los fuegos artificiales sobre la ciudad. Estamos pensando en ir al National Mall (porque ¿cuándo estaremos en Washington, DC otra vez durante el cuatro de julio?) pero no sé si tenemos la paciencia por la gente.¿Cuáles planes tienes tú para el cuatro de julio?English TranslationI haven’t written Spanish for many weeks. Neither have I spoken it nor written it. Already I feel that I’m losing my Spanish, after a month out of El Salvador. But it doesn’t matter — I only wanted to say to everyone: Happy Independence Day!Today Kail and I are going to the baseball game and later, we’ll watch the fireworks over the city. We’re thinking about going to the National Mall (because when will be in Washington, DC again during the Fourth of July?) but I don’t know if we have the patience for people.What are your plans for the Fourth of July?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

6 thoughts on “Spanish Friday: ¡Feliz Día de la Independencia!

  1. All these years living near DC and we’ve never gone for the fireworks. I can’t stand the crowds either.Happy 4th to you guys too! … When are you off to the next destination? Are you trying to learn the destination language yet? It’ll be hard to hold onto your Spanish without daily practice 😦


  2. Tambien estoy perdiendo mi español. Tomé clases de español hace un año, ¡pero estoy perezosa y no lo he usado mucho! Buena suerte para ti 🙂


  3. We went to see the fireworks on the mall last year and everyone was blocking my view by holding up their iPads to tape it. Gone are the days of my childhood when we would park in the pentagon parking lot and sit on the grassy hill for a lovely view of the fireworks, while playing with sparklers.


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