Costa Rica | Canopy


Even though ziplining, or “canopy,” is popular in El Salvador, Kail and I had never been. Well, canopy is even more popular in Costa Rica, so we decided to finally give it a try. And I’m glad we did! I wore my GoPro on my head and was able to capture some pretty cool video and photos — including a beautiful circular rainbow visible on one long cable that ended atop a super-high cell tower! did have to mute the original sound and add a soundtrack because there may or may not have been some shrill screams and expletives — particularly during the “rappel” (I didn’t even know what that was — they just drop you from the platform) and “Tarzan swing.” Freefalling: not a fan. Also when I didn’t brake early enough and came crashing into the cell tower (luckily, a mat had been put in place for this very reason).Monteverde-Costa-Rica-43I am sort of afraid of heights; however I did pretty well on the ziplines. I was actually most afraid when we were crossing the rope bridges (from which our guides tried their best to shake us off) and waiting on the platforms. Once I was on my way zipping across the cables, I kind of forgot that about How. Freaking. High. we were. And I just cruised along, enjoying the view.monteverde, costa rica, hotel el establo, canopy, zipliningCircle-shaped rainbow. Apparently sometimes it’s positioned such that the zipline cable goes right through the middle.We enjoyed our first ziplining experience so much that we even signed up for another canopy tour the next morning with a different company. But then we asked ourselves, “Do we really want to spend $160 total ziplining in Costa Rica?” And the answer was no. After all, we still had our buceo adventure ahead! (Also, my arm was really sore from braking.)Have you ever been ziplining?

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