I Got a GoPro!


http://youtu.be/FVAg0HNh2QUI got a GoPro and I love it. I tested it out over the weekend on another road trip to Barra de Santiago. The video above was shot and edited using just my GoPro and iPhone. Amazing! It is super-easy to use and the GoPro App (I have the iPhone version but there’s one for iPad, Android and probably other devices) makes transferring files, editing and uploading to social media simple and quick.el salvador, barra de santiago, sunset, goproSelfie. This was not long after our car got stuck in the sand.I guess I should say “we” got a GoPro since it technically was an early wedding anniversary gift. But let’s be real: The usage for this baby is going to break down to 95 percent me; 5 percent Kail. I’m the documentarian in our marriage though (see: this blog; El Salvador scrapbook) so it’s only fair. Both of us were really excited to get one after seeing a “60 Minutes” segment on GoPro.el salvador, barra de santiago, goproGlass in a pool: not safe.I am so excited to take the GoPro buceando. We have some trips coming up and I’m glad I’ll be able to document our underwater adventures. We also have some non-diving trips coming up, so it’ll be interesting to experiment with the GoPro hiking, ziplining, kayaking and doing other adventure(-ish) sports activities.el salvador, barra de santiago, gopro, kayakingView from a kayak.I did take the GoPro kayaking in Barra de Santiago but I was worried about dropping it into the estuary (where there are crocodiles, btw!) so I was only able to snap a couple quick photos. I have a wrist strap because I was thinking that would be a pretty secure way to carry it around (while diving or hiking, for example) but still have the flexibility to easily control it and shoot from different angles.I also ordered The Bobber, a floating hand grip, because it will allow a little more shooting flexibility underwater yet comes with the security of floating to the surface if dropped (likely if I am the one holding it).This purchase was definitely a pre-Afghanistan splurge but hopefully it will make memory-keeping more fun while also making this blog a little more interesting. I’m not really a big video person (making or watching) — and I hate how Facebook automatically plays videos that people post — but maybe with the right content …Do you have your eye on a new camera or other electronic device?

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I'm Natasha -- writer, runner and wife to a Foreign Service Officer with USAID. Current location: Frankfurt, Germany.

10 thoughts on “I Got a GoPro!

  1. Cool! That’s so funny, I have been eyeballing that forever. But can’t seem to justify the purchase with such a long (and seemingly growing) needs list for the house. And now with school looming….eeeek.


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