Music Run 7k


TIGO-Music-Run-7k-97k finishers!Kail and I ran the TIGO Music Run 7k yesterday in San Salvador. It was our first race since the Lago Coatepeque 10k in September. Other than a couple small hills and a hot sun, the race wasn’t that tough (we didn’t run very fast — we finished around 43:00, about a 10:00/mile).TIGO-Music-Run-7k-2It was just nice to be outside, on the streets, running. I hadn’t run outside the Embassy walls (or not on a treadmill) in several months, partially out of laziness and partially because of incidents like runners getting robbed at gunpoint.Running4HelpTIGOMusicRunThis race was cool because, similar to the Rock ‘n’ Roll race series in the U.S., there were bands playing music along the race course — some on the side of the road, and some mobile entertainment on the back of a truck. Live music, combined with thousands of runners, definitely gave the race a lot of energy.TIGO-Music-Run-7k-6Mobile music.TIGO-Music-Run-7k-7A band at Plaza Beethoven.We ran this race with some colleagues of Kail’s, a group that has now been dubbed “Team MBN.” The joke started one day when our friend Ruben saw Kail reading a magazine with his feet propped up a quarterly economic report from the Salvadoran central bank at his desk. “Must be nice,” Ruben quipped, as in, “Must be nice to have some leisurely reading time.” So “must be nice” became something they (and others in the office) would say to each other, regardless of whether it really makes sense in the situation.TIGO-Music-Run-7k-1Team MBN!Going to Hawaii? Must be nice. Breakfast after the race? MBN. (Makes sense.) Sitting in a meeting in the conference room? Must be nice. (Does not make sense.) At this point, it’s almost like a greeting you could say when passing each other at the Embassy. “Hey! Must be nice!” Or even, “MBN!” (On social media: #MBN.)TIGO-Music-Run-7k-4And, since this might be our last road race before leaving El Salvador, it was neat to run by the famous Salvador del Mundo statue again, which we did during our first Salvadoran road race back in 2012. I might have one more race here in my future — a beach run — but Kail has to work that weekend so this was probably our last Salvadoran race (road or otherwise) together, period. I’m kind of sad!What races do you have planned this spring/summer?

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